Sunday, 6 September 2009

A trip off the island - -

- - the first of two this month - a visit to mum & dad and a wedding. We only planned the trip as we were invited to celebrate with Melody & David on the occasion of their wedding. Mel was my chief bridesmaid & witness at our wedding 23 years ago, and she is re marrying after a goodly number of years as a lone parent.
It was a really lovely wedding - a union of two counties - a joining of the white rose and the red! He is from Yorkshire, she from Lancashire and if you are from that part of the world I am sure you are aware of the friendly rivalry & banter which always goes on when Lancashire & Yorkshire folk meet up! - she was alight with happiness and the groom was positively bursting with pride and love for his "red rose".Red & white Roses graced his buttonhole, Mel wore a beautiful creamy "old gold" gown and they were both supported by their respective sons. No bridesmaids at this wedding - just groomsmen & bridesmen! Mel was escorted up the aisle by both her boys - who both "gave her away" in a beautiful service.
To my absolute delight - many of my former work colleagues were wedding guests - and we had indeed come from far & wide to share their special day - Aberdeen, Wales, South Africa and Isle of Man to name just a few. It was fabulous to see Mandy, Fran, Viv, Sarah, Rose & Brian, Berny & Wayne, Michelle & Justine! Specially now as contact is usually just Christmas card & letter & the occasional letter in between!
The fun we had though was as if we had only been out together last week! It was great to catch up with them all and hear of their families and see pictures of the great young men & women our children have turned into. I can't believe it is over 9 years since we last worked together - as chatting and laughing with them felt as if we still seeing each other on an almost daily basis! So today's lesson?? Real friendship survives over any period, distance and limited contact - like good wine - friendship only matures - and we really should meet up more often.

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Gura mie ayd. J x

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