Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Simply a Moment - September

 Stormy Weather

Tuesday - September 17th  - 9.30am

- - swirling eddy's of leaves circle my feet,  a  whirligig of madly dancing browns, yellows and greens before skittering across the road to lodge in the undergrowth of the hedgerow. The trees above my head sway wildly - their leaves rustling in an endless whisper - what secrets could they tell me if I could understand I wonder. Another gust of wind takes my breath away - it's sound wuthering and wailing and I feel as if I am fighting a battle to take my next step towards home.

 As I pass my bay I look across westwards - in the distance the promised storm is now clearly visible -- marching relentlessly across this morning's wild Irish sea where the wind whips the waves to a frenzied flurry of white horses galloping into shore and once more I am breathless as another gust catches me and attempts to trip me up as more leaves swirl round my feet.
A few small black shapes appears briefly in the churning waters - and I realise the incoming storm has driven some of the seals from the Sound to my slightly more sheltered bay. It will be wild out there I know. I smile thinking of them and am glad they are here near my home - our bay is a little less exposed to the elements and wild weather is the only time the seals come this close to shore.

The wind whips my hair round my face and I realise the shopping bags I have carried up Yn Shooylaghan are heavy and I hurry on the last hundred yards or so to the cottage. As I turn down the steps to my garden the first drops of rain land on my face - - - -

Another Simple Moment recorded - thanks to Alexa of Trimming the Sails - who once a month - invites us to stop, notice and make note a of a minute or two of our day. Many "memory keepers" from  in Blogland join her - so do drop in here to see her and catch a few more moments  from around the globe -  and perhaps share a moment of your own?

Thanks for dropping in - as always you are most welcome,
'til later,

Bannghtyn, J x


  1. Wonderful job capturing the coming storm! We've had drought-like conditions all summer and would welcome a storm at this point!

  2. you make it sound such a beautiful place xx

  3. You got home just in time...even with the wind blowing you have made it sound like such a pretty place x

  4. Wow, I love how you have painted a picture with your words. Sometimes the wild weather is more exhilarating and beautiful than calm - as long as you don't get caught in the worst of the storm.

  5. What a glorious blend of the sense of power of the stormy winds and yet the exhilaration it brings. There is a wild beauty to your words and it reminds of wind tossed days on the west of Ireland coast. I hope you and the seals are well sheltered now .... Thank you very much indeed for sharing this moment with us and I am always delighted by your faithful and vivid contribution :).

  6. I could really feel like I was there with you, what a lovely accurate description of the approach of a rain storm. Sounds like you got home just in the nick of time!

  7. Such a beautifully told moment, and lovely evocative pictures too.

  8. Other than the seals coming into the bay, I almost felt like I was reading a scene from Wuthering Heights. You have a great use of imagery!

  9. A beautiful moment, beautifully told. Thanks for sharing this moment :)

  10. You arrived home just one time!! very nice writing, thanks for sharing!



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