Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday Snaps - Photo Scavenger Hunt 3

Welcome, welcome - - My decision to join in with Rinda's Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt - full details can be found here - - is getting me out and about, locally anyway - and I have a couple more photos to share.
No 4 - Airplane

A trip past the airport was quite helpful to get this shot from the top deck of the local bus. Our airport is small - and we have more small and/or private planes visible than the larger jets - - though I suspect they will seem very small too, especially to those of you more used to large city airports!
 No 6 - Someone or Something Taking a Nap
 I couldn't resist this Sleeping Fairy sculpture in one of the gardens I visited today. I have to have a Fairy in this list don't I? After all anyone who has visited my beautiful island home knows how important it is to say Hello - to the Fairies at Fairy Bridge. Our Manx fairies are to be found all over our island - and can be very mischievous if you forget to greet them properly with a "Morriagh Mai".
This weekend has seen a number of villagers opening their private gardens to visitors - 15 very generous families have shared some truly beautiful "Secret Gardens" with those of us who spent a pleasant hour or two in gardens generally hidden away behind walls and gates. I did take my camera out of course in my wanderings!
No 13 - A Fence - take 1

Somehow I expected to find lots of fences to snaffle today on my garden visits - but actually there were very few. Mostly they were what I would refer to as Railings - - however I had to include this next photo - since the Artisan made and fitted them!
No 13 - A Fence - take 2
My final photo for today -
No 14 -  Stained Glass or a Mosaic
This little chap was hiding away in little corner of one of the hidden gardens I visited today - and I couldn't resist him - he had a little friend at the other side of his pot too - which I may share next time I put a few photos together.I am linking this post with Rinda's monthly round up, and hope to have an album on line soon with all the photos so far.
My earlier posts with pics from the hunt can be found here

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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Two More - Photo Scavenger Hunt 2

Welcome, welcome - so nice of you to drop in. I am so glad you called as I have a few more photos to show you. I know you will remember that I am a "Photo Scavenge Hunter" this year, my first time joining in with other photo scavengers around the world - - but just in case you don't, Rinda will give you full details here, at Gallo Organico.
No 9 - Something clearly out of place.
 Had to include this for this item - never seen an Antipodaean flag hanging from a tree on my island before! Positioned there - quite prominently during TT week, as the visitors - bikers I understand -
who had brought their bikes with them for TT were from Down Under as we would say! Chatting to them as they enjoyed the best weather we have had for TT week for some years, they told me they had travelled on their bikes all the way to get here. I did take this photo just before the official start of the hunt this year - but after Rinda had put up the post - I meant to post this with my last post - - but managed to lose it on my PC!! Found it just now - so thought I had better get it added to my list before I lost it again! (Do you lose stuff on your "puter???- or is it just me!) I just didn't think I would be able to capture something more appropriate!
No 10 - A Bench Outside
My second photo today was taken in the Garden of Milntown -- the nearest we have to the wonderful grounds to be found in a traditional English Stately Home. The house is a delightful cafe - - but the gardens are totally wonderful. This bench is tucked away at the back of the walled vegetable garden and everything about this garden makes me feel I have stepped back in time - - even the gardeners have string tied round their trousers just below the knees - - like a Victorian or Edwardian gardener in an illustration from The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgeson Burnett. It is a rather pleasant spot to rest - as many of the plants around it are aromatic.

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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sunday Snaps - Photo Scavenger Hunt

 Welcome, welcome - - so nice of you to drop in. In previous years I have often seen posts linking up with Rinda of Gallo Organico, who runs an annual "Photo Scavenger Hunt" - and this year I have decided to join in for myself. I love to tick off anything on a list - don't we all?? So having a list to work with - - very satisfying! Rinda has full details here - and I have added the list to my sidebar to encourage me to keep taking those pictures!
I have made a start - - as I have been out and about a little this last week, so here are my first shots.

No 2 - A Theatre for the Performing Arts
This is our small village theatre. It was converted some 40 years ago from a de-consecrated church, which I believe may have had to to be demolished - to a small theatre auditorium and gallery. It houses a cafe and bar, is home to our local Amateur Dramatic Society - and is host to 3 musical festivals annually; one of which is taking place at the moment and has been running for 39 years  -  The Mannanan Festival. I myself have attended many events at this festival in the 13 years I have lived in the village, and indeed am off to a concert there later this very evening!
No 12 - A Cloud in the Shape of Something

I have done a lot of looking at the clouds to try to tick this off my list - and finally spotted this. To me it just looks like a swooping bird! Anyway I am claiming it as my entry for item 12 on Rinda's list. Are you taking part in the hunt? Please feel free to leave a link in comments - I would love to see what you might have captured in a snapshot.

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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Simply a moment - - - June .

Tuesday - 4th June - 9.42am

Heading to the Harbour
The sun streaming through my window drags me outside - - and I realise that such a beautiful morning should not be wasted indoors. I hurry back in to change my shoes, put on a jacket, and pick up my camera. The garden is basking in the warmth of the sun and before I leave its shelter I snap a shot of my flowering cherry- now clad in pale pink clematis -  -
I know from past experience that the wind will arrive with a vengeance and scatter more pale pink confetti all over before I have time to blink! I climb the steps out of my garden, and turn right down towards the shore and ultimately the village.
 Cresting the top of the hill - I stop to survey the Bay - - the sky is such an intense blue that the sea turns turquoise, shimmering and sparkling - almost irridescent in the glorious golden light. Small peacock coloured waves lap gently on the shore, and I start moving once again, along Yn Shooylaghan, down towards the harbour. Small groups of people - bikers, sailors at the Yacht classes and families basking in what might prove  to be our only taste of summer, are scattered across the beach and a handful of children are already gambolling happily at the waters edge.

The soft golden honey coloured curve of the bay draws me ever down - I see the temporary stage in front of the Bay Hotel, reminding me that it is TT week, and as I get closer to the village I can see the bikes parked up from our visitors.
A soft breeze blows my hair away from my face and the sun is warm on my skin and I find myself not really needing the light jacket I wear  - -  the warm, spicy, slightly coconut scent of gorse from the headland opposite drifts along on the breeze, giving a slightly mediterranean feel to the scene before me - - - the sea is certainly blue enough to pass for the Med today and thoughts of the Ice Cream Parlour drift into my head - - -

Once a month Alexa asks us to take a moment - to really look , think , and feel it then write it down - so once again I'm linking up with her at Trimming the Sails where she runs this meme each month - if you pop over to visit her here- you will find lots more "moments". Off you go - you know you want to - and maybe you have a moment of your own to share too?

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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sunday Snaps - -

Welcome, welcome - - summer really does seem to have arrived on my island - - and for me it is bittersweet. The anniversary looming next week means that in spite of the glorious weather, some moments are proving very hard for me.
I am really trying to find my way along this rather difficult road I find myself travelling down - - - and look for all the positives I can find. I always have my camera with me, and I have used it often this last few weeks to act as a shield when I have got a little "overwhelmed" - - - so thought I might show you one or two "snaps" that gave me a reason to hide behind my camera on when I needed it. I am amazed at how well some of them have turned out - since often I couldn't focus with eyes filled with tears.

Our very late spring has meant that Mother Nature has  everywhere festooned in blossom and our spring blooms are all a-flower at the same time as our summer blooms -  -  but it has made for a beautiful "show"!
Perhaps you too have a few photos you might like to share today - if you do please link up.

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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A Month in Numbers - May 2013

Julie runs her Month in Numbers series on Notes on Paper each month and has done for a couple of years - over that time, I have read many interesting posts from fellow "bloggers" who link up with Julie and last month I was tempted to join in myself, so wrote my first post - - I had some pretty special numbers I really wanted to remember  from April 2013.

I wasn't sure there would be any numbers to record for May - but to my surprise I have found myself making the odd note of a few numbers - unusual for me anyway, as my real passion is words!!.
  • 1 Swap - -  
Participated in - - only a small step but since I seem to have had no heart for so much, significant I feel - - so a big Thank You to this lovely lady for organising it. 
  • 3 - Books read - -
Reading has been something I have found difficult to maintain my concentration on this last year, so to regain some pleasure in it whilst on holiday has been a surprise. I read Attention All Shipping, Miss Garnet's Angel and The Night Circus whilst on the narrowboat we spent a week on, along with my sister-in law and her family.  I hope it means a return of my pleasure in reading, as the last book I finished was How Far to Bethlehem? at Christmas, and that was one I have read before.

  • 3 - "Heirloom albums"  - -
(My friends description) completed alongside my friends who come along to share Crafting at the Cottage with me each week since January. We have worked together on different projects - me sometimes sharing techniques I have picked up in my years crafting to help my less experienced friends. I have so much enjoyed it, not only their company,  but the sharing aspect of our weekly get-together. It seems R----, C----, L------, P------ and K--- also think it fun - so we start a new project together when I return from holiday - with the addition of a new friend joining us - A----- , a new member at Craft Club. Crafting with these ladies from Craft Club has really helped to fill some of the huge hole I still have in my life , and for that I am truly grateful. These are my albums (all inspired by this lady) - all now awaiting the photos to arrive - one for each of my daughters and one for my sister. The photos - when they arrive - are all vintage pictures of the females in our family.
  • 17 - Radish seedlings  
All sprouting and looking healthy! I am a somewhat inept gardener - a "stick it in and hope for the best" kind of girl - the first time I have ever planted anything other than flowers in my tubs and pots and I have certainly never planted vegetables from seed before! Trying to grow a few vegetables in our cottage garden was something I hoped to be able to do with my Ben - that wasn't to be, sadly - but  I made the decision to have a go anyway - I have planted beans, lettuce and other salad leaves - which are all sprouting - but the radishes were the only seeds in a separate pot that I could count!

  • 27 -Years together
I can't quite figure out where those years have gone - 27 years?? and think "how did that happen then, our wedding was only yesterday!"And I cannot express how much he means to me without sounding really like some teenage girl experiencing her first "crush".

  • 70 Feet

Above the valley floor crossing the Pontcysyllte Aquaduct!

  • 460 yards 
The length of Chirk Tunnel on the Llangollen Canal, which we travelled down in a narrowboat as part of our holiday last week. Only a single boat width - it is fortunate that you can see if there is already a boat in the tunnel before you set off!

To find all the details of A Month in Numbers - and maybe join the "number crunchers" yourself - hop along to Julie's blog to link up - I know from my own experience she will give you a very warm welcome.

'til later,

Bannaghtyn, Jen x

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Sian's Great Big Swap of Small Things!!! - -

Today I had "Happy Mail" - as a very pretty package arrived this morning containing ALL these wonderful goodies!  

Thank you so much Furrypig (see her blog here) - - so many pretties there that I know I will use. It was so exciting to open it!

I had such fun putting my own packet of small goodies together to send out. I tried to include a few bits that were especially linked to my small island home. Since it was "Good Mail" I decorated the outside of my package too - then forget to take a photo! I was so glad to see that it had arrived safely though.

Many thanks to Sian for her brilliant idea of this big "Little Swap" - and even bigger thanks to Furrypig - for such care and thought going into my "Small Things".

'til later

Bannaghtyn, Jen x

Monday, 3 June 2013

Storytelling Sunday - - Something old

Welcome, welcome - - - here we are again at another Storytelling Sunday - hosted for a 3rd year by Sian at High on the Sky. This year Sian asked us to record and share something Precious - - and the many storytellers who participate have found a myriad of things - special and significant in their lives to share a host of wonderful stories - - so here is mine for June, rather late for Sunday I know - and for that I am sorry, nevertheless I hope you enjoy my precious.

- - they hang there in my wardrobe, slightly incongruous amongst my coats, dresses, jackets, skirts and blouses. Two small garments - very rarely worn - indeed - one of them only worn once, and the other has only had a handful of outings, both too small for me now - yet I keep them hanging in my wardrobe. I wonder sometimes why I keep them - especially now, as I often think they are unlikely to ever be used again - -  and yet - - -

The oldest is now the softest of fabrics, probably because of its age - - it feels fragile to my touch and I love its delicate prettiness - - the other is silky and feels so much stiffer, though, like the other was made for the softest of skins. Neither has been worn for many years - - they were last worn together  26 years ago.

The oldest was worn 22 years ago this month, a very tiny white gown of the softest lace - - - my family Christening gown, that was made new for me, by my mum from her wedding veil, then worn by my sister, my eldest daughter, my son and then my second daughter. Perhaps one day I will have a little grandchild who might wear it once again - - .

The other garment is a tiny white quilted jacket - - new for our son - - made of satin - a lovely sheen on it, and a little more "masculine" we felt, than the lacy shawl that my daughter had been wrapped in on her Christening Day - - -

Two items this month I know - - but they are irretrievably linked in my eyes so that I see them always a one precious pairing.

There are a host of stories around the web this week - you can find links to them all here, so do drop in.

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And the Book passes to - - -

- - Scrappyjacky! There were only a couple of comments from those who would like a dip into the book - so I wrote the names out 3 times and the Artisan drew one from my little glass dish.
Please contact me Jacky - with the address to send the book to.

I hope to be back later with this month's story - a bit late I know - but as we have been on holiday and I forgot to schedule my post - - -

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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Pass the Book

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- - -this is a fabulous book - full of inspiration for using stamping in your scrapbooking  and I have kept it way, waaaay too long!! So sorry Melissa! It started its journey round the world with Melissa - here - and has travelled widely already. However it does need to set off on its Journeying again - so if you would like to dip in and read it for yourself -- and I do recommend it - - please leave a comment by 12 midnight GMT on Sunday 2nd June 2013 - -
I will draw a name from the list on Monday morning and happily post it on to you - - -
Our Pass the Book was started by Sian - - -  and many really interesting titles have wended their merry way around the world - linking up diverse ladies(and gents?- not sure on that one). A full explanation can be found here.
Melissa very kindly took up the mantle when Sian passed it on. 

If you think you would like a dip into this book - do remember to leave a comment.

Thanks for stopping by

'til later

Bannaghtyn, J x


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