Monday, 7 September 2009

Today - -

- it was back to work - in pretty dismal weather I might add, and it was really hard getting myself there - I was so tired after travelling off island for the wedding.When we got back last night the cottage looked so welcoming! There really is no place like home.Specially this one - not many people are lucky enough to live in their dream home I know - so I do feel blessed. I always feel as if I am being wrapped up in warm comforting arms when I walk through the door of my cottage - even if it has been empty for a couple of days - so its good to be home!!
It was the first of two days in school with only staff in - no children until Wednesday, and there was so much to do to get the school anything like ready! All hands to the pump time - except that was a bit difficult with the building work & re-furbishment still un-finished!!!
Our new Deputy Head took some of the Welcome Back Meeting, and I think she is going to be a real asset to the school. I like the cut of her jib as they say in nautical circles. Already there is a different feel to the place - much happier atmosphere - which we are much in need of as we have had to work through a rather traumatic couple of years - with many of us feeling "in Limbo" and slightly abandoned by "the powers that be". A pity our new Head couldn't be there as well - but technically he is not appointed until November 1st.
So what did I learn today?
# it was good to see my colleagues after their break
# I'm more tired after travelling off island for the weekend than I used to be - oh the joys of getting older!
# It is SO good to be home!
Here is my page for the day anyway.

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Gura mie ayd. J x


  1. Love your page! I hope that the tiredness has now worn off and you're back into your stride! x

  2. Great page, I love the purple and the butterfly and what a lovely lesson.

    I couldn't agree with you more - I live in a cosy cottage too and I can't imagine ever wanting to live anywhere else

  3. Just saying Kia ora back to you, after you visiting my blog.
    You have a lovely blog, hope you are looking forward to the class as much as me.
    Ka kite (see you) Jan


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