Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Wet Wednesday

Oh dear - what a dreadful morning - so grey and gloomy that it really doesn't feel light at all - in spite of the fact that it is nearly 11am.It began raining last night and hasn't stopped since! Nice weather for ducks!!

Hope it brightens a bit later - I don't feel as if I see enough daylight as the days draw in - though I can't say I dislike the changing seasons - as that would be a lie - just wish I didn't work full time so I could see a few more hours of daylight.
I do have an evening out to look forward to - though I am sure I will feel too tired when I get in - LOL - I always do!! Making myself make the effort is good for me though!! Villa Marina here I come!!

Friday, 24 September 2010

We don't always know - -

- - when we come across "a Good Samaritan" - - - - - - I learned there are still some really kind &amd decent people in the world. My youngest daughter lost her passport - though she didn't realise it at the time. On my way home from work I received a text message which said -" Hi. I wanna let u know that I've found Rhiannon passport on the street this morning."
I texted my daughter as she is back now at University -  found I was informing her that she had lost her passport! I was able to reassure her that it had been found, and passed on the phone details of her unknown "angel in disguise" - she then had a rather stressful night awaiting contact - however she made arrangements to meet her good Samaritan and she and her passport were re-united - - result - one very, very relieved and grateful young lady. And also a mum who didn't have to find the money to replace it!!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A little more - -

-- progress today - - a few tags, which are actually my pages for my album. I have made them all from scratch - and though they are a variety of sizes they do all co ordinate as I have used a fairly restricted colour palette on them. I am working with just one collection of papers - Wisteria from Basic Gray - and very few flattish embellishments as all the tags must slide easily into my pockets - and indeed today's lesson - Limiting my supplies this way makes for much more efficient scrapping! might well be the lesson for today.
It's been particularly hectic at work today - teaching staff are back in after their summer break - and students will join them on Wednesday - so I might find that all my intentions of trying to make a page each day for this album might going flying out the window! I will keep on doing my best though.

Please feel free to leave a little comment if you stop by,

Gura mie ayd -  J x

Friday, 3 September 2010

A slightly different - -

- - kind of "album" for this my September daily class. I have participated in Shimelle's Class - Learn Something New Every Day since 2006 - I have 2 completed albums to show for it, and 2 half full. This year I hope to have another completed one - though I am hopeless at uploading my work - Life just seems to eat away at my time so!! Anyway here is this years' - an exploding box - made from envelopes - inspired by Laura Denison. She does some amazing stuff with envelopes! And here are a few pictures of mine. It's based on the exploding box mini album - but of course you get so much more scope to create in a larger version. This one is full of tags- which I intend to use for my daily lesson learned during the month.
I have used 3 envelopes for each side  and between them they contain 8 tags  to each side- in various sizes -  so there is one for each day of the month plus a beginning tag and end tag. I still have some embellishment I want to do and some tabs to add to my tags - but essentially the basic album is now finished.
I have my "lessons" for the last couple of days ready to add to my first two tags - but as we are going out tonight I won't get them done til tomorrow.

Please feel free to comment if you stop by.

Thanks for looking
Gura mie ayd - J x

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

September 1st - -

- - and that heralds the start of my Learn Something New Every Day class with the fabulous Shimelle. I think this will be my 4th or 5th year of participation - though I haven't always managed to reach the end of the month with a finished article! I do enjoy trying though - so I guess that is what counts. I hope to post pictures more regularly than in previous years - but I know that it will very much depend on how life pans out! It has a very irritating habit of getting in the way of my urge to create!


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