Friday, 4 September 2009

I HATE - -

- - the amount of dust that is just flying around my working environment - the winds we have been experiencing have been especially wild - and with the school looking and feeling like a building site there is every imaginable type of dust in the atmosphere from plaster to sawdust - my 3rd day of this since I returned to work from leave - and what has it set off - my hayfever - I feel like crying - I have been allergy free since we moved here nine years ago - but what did I have do this morning within an hour of getting in - go to the chemist for Clarityn!!

This is the lesson for today then - the curse that is allergic rhinitis - which is what the Doc always calls it - has reared its ugly head again - my eyes are itching,as are my ears and the back of my throat and my nose is streaming!! I could scream - I am going to a wedding tomorrow - and I will look like I have a drink problem!!!

I shall be glad to see the back of this week I can tell you, as it has not been pleasant in work. I feel so ratty and grumpy!! If it wasn't for this class Learn Something New - where I can use scrapping these feelings as therapy - I am not sure what I would do!
The sea calls again I foresee. LOL Best foot forward then!!
Here is my page anyway.Similar elements to my previous pages - and the blog post is to be printed on a tag tucked into the back of the page to tell the full story.

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Gura mie ayd. Jx


  1. Hope you are feeling a little better today,a great page again. Lets hope things settle down at work before the kids get back Tx

  2. Found your blog from the link on Shimelle's LSNED page. Good luck hope the tablets are doign the trick. Lovely pages.

  3. Your book is just lovely


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