Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Lenten Lily

The old name for this most springlike of flowers, the one that never fails to lift my heart and make me smile.
Daffy-down-dillies do remind me so much of Mothering Sunday, when I was a little girl, and with it coming up this weekend I found my thoughts wandering back down the years. The were less expensive than most other flowers – so I could buy them with my own money, which made me feel very "grown up". Old stories tell me that when many girls & boys were “in service” before the First World War they were entitled to only one half day a month off – usually a Sunday afternoon – this time of year it often fell in the middle of Lent – when spring flowers were in bloom. As these youthful working people walked home to their parents cottages, they passed hedgerows full of golden daffodils in bloom – and tempted to pick them wouldn’t you have wanted to take some home to your mum?? Also as I have a fondness for old English nursery rhymes, it seems appropriate to include this rhyme – -

Daffy-down-dilly has come up to town
In a fine petticoat and a green gown.
Dressed in her finest yellow array,
Laughing & dancing all through the day.

There is also this version
Has come to town
With a yellow petticoat
And a pretty green gown.

Bannaghtyn J x

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Springing forward - -

- - by which I mean the start of British Summer Time - that weekend when we move those clocks forward 1 hour for "daylight saving". Such an absurd expression when you really think about it - where do you put that daylight you just "saved"? And when can you withdraw it from the "savings" account to re use it? Will it generate interest so that I might expect MORE daylight when I withdraw it? Can I keep in my "daylight savings" account indefinitely?? Or must it be used on the very day we "saved" that daylight?? The thought still tickles me - and makes me giggle to myself! Don't you just love the English language!!
Don't get me wrong - - I truly love the lighter evenings! So this week I should use my "daylight saving" to go for a walk or potter in my garden or just watch the sea, shouldn't I? Except that tweaking with the clock means I am more tired when I get home!! I did use the natural light to take a few photos though.This is a mini album I started at our crop's last all day craft day and I am pleased with the way it has turned out.

What do you do with your daylight savings???

thanks for stopping by.
Bannaghtyn J x

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Painting - -

- - pottery. Last I went out with friends to a local craft studio for a pottery painting session. We don't go very often - well I don't - I do enjoy a pot painting session though, it's surprisingly therapeutic. I find myself completely absorbed in what I am painting and all cares and worries just float away - so that for a couple of hours at least the world just goes away!
What make the world go away for you??

This is what I painted.

Thanks for stopping by.

Bannaghtyb J x

Friday, 25 March 2011

That Friday Feeling - -

- - doesn't come round often enough - yet that's as good as it gets when you have to work fulltime as I do. It is the best day though - as I can finish early, spend a couple of hours with friends in our favourite venue to unwind, disect the week and relax, before heading home.
Finished this last night - part of our last all day class with our craft group. There is an album to go inside also but that isn't yet finished.

Have a great weekend.

Thanks for stopping by.

Bannaghtyn, J x

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Lyrics - -

- - which stirred my curiousity - - Have you ever listened to a song on the radio with lyrics that piqued your curiosity? Happened to me recently - -
I rarely listen to the radio unless I am in the car on one of our periodic drives – usually it’s the local radio station – but now and again we catch BBC radio 2 – Graham Norton on a Saturday morning. He has a slot called Song with a Story – or something similar – a listener suggests a song title, they chat on the phone then Graham plays the record. Anyhow – a couple of Saturdays ago the chosen record was The Downeaster Alexa – by Billy Joel. Now this is not a new song – but getting on for about twenty years old I believe – yet I had never heard it before. I loved it – it, for me, was full of the sound of the sea – and I could see the boat rising and falling on the waves and hear the scream of the gulls – whilst the lyrics almost broke my heart.
As I listened – I found myself wondering – What is a downeaster? Where is Montauk? Nantucket? Which island was he singing of? What is a bayman? What are the giants he refers to? What are stripers? Why the mention of Atlantis? It made me so curious that when I got home after our drive – I logged me on to “ye trusty ol’ t’internet!” – first I tracked down the song , downloaded it to iTunes to put on my iPod and then set off in search of some answers. I found some - and learned so much along the way - geography, history, a lesson based entirely the around the lyrics - - and for a scrapbooker the most wonderful of all - stories - real stories in this book.
My curiosity had led me to a story I knew little about - yet as a coastal dweller – who has seen the same decline on my own island's fishing industry - so far away from the setting of the song I felt an instant affinity. I discovered that a "downeaster" was not unlike our queenie boats - probably a very practical design for fishing boats.
these same boats made up a fishing fleet that packed the harbour so tightly that it was possible to walk right across from one side to the other without getting off a boat - I think the fleet today might number half a dozen boats. And that makes me sad - for it is the loss of a way of life. The song and story also reminded me of a book read many years ago - also set in a fishing community but a historical novel -
and ultimately to track it down, buy it, and re read - the book I mentioned in yesterday’s post.
But that's another story!

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'til later
Bannaghtyn Jx

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Food for Thought - -

- - I was just bloghopping around a few classmates blog this morning before work and happened upon Amye's post here. It really gave me food for thought - as I realised thatI don't actually know what makes me choose a book. I am a browser in bookshops & libraries picking up titles that catch my attention - I usually read the first 2/3 pages and if I then want to turn over to read the next page I buy/borrow the book. I dip in and out of reading these days - I don't seem to be able fit everything in - so reading is easiest to put on the back burner.
When I was a girl and younger woman I read voraciously and would stay up 'til all hours to finish a book - but 3 children put a stop to that particular gallup, and I find I no longer read a great deal unless I am on holiday. I do go back to favourite authors from my younger days now to re read books I know I really enjoyed, and I also am planning on re reading some classics - DH Lawrence and Laurie Lee are waiting on my bedside table, and I am currently re reading a book by Anya Seton, which I first read as a 15 year old.
For this - there is a back story - so perhaps it is outside influences that set my reading patterns? Mmmmm - one for me to think on. - - as for the back story - that will have to be left for later.
In Shimelle's class the prompt today is about lists or favourites - so right now

1 - Book - I am reading The Hearth & Eagle by Anya Seton
2 - Music - Currently listening to soundtrack from Les Miserables
3 - Making - Mini album in a decorated wooden cigar box
4 - Colour - Lush rich fuchsia pinks are my favourites at the moment
5 - Planning - a trip to see my daughters

Thanks for stopping by
Bannaghtyn Jx

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

And then the - -

- - sun came out, and the grey disappeared and suddenly it was spring!The daffy down dillys danced in the sunlight and the sea shimmered and sparkled and I had no choice but set off down the glen and up to the headland - the golden afternoon light dragged me outside before I had even taken my coat off from coming in from work. It is only a short walk, 20 to 25 minutes at the most - but oh I am so glad I made the effort. The glen was full of birdsong - - I wish I could recognise the birds by their song - I can't - but I did SEE a robin, a chaffinch and a blackbird - and a moorhen in the pool at the bottom of the waterfall.
Shimelle's class is proving to be just as thought provoking as last time I participated - and though I am not scrapping a page this evening - I rushed out without taking my camera! DOH! I have been a busy little bee - making some crispy cakes for our fundraising cake sale tomorrow. We hope to raise enough to purchase at least one Shelter Box to replace those sent to Japan as a result of the earthquake/tsunami. Last time we raised enough for 2 and a half boxes, hope we can do it again! Wish us luck.

Thanks for stopping by.

Bannaghtyn J x

Monday, 21 March 2011

Blogging for Scrapbookers

- - I took this class in 2009 - and did love it as I managed to blog a little and scrap a little more regularly - but I have sadly fallen by the wayside - and my blog has been sadly neglected of late! and as for scrapbooking - just don't ask! I don't want that to remain the case - so here I am - and as mum says - if at first you don't succeed try, try, try again!

I have done some crafting - made mini albums, cards, ATCs - even run classes - and joined in with classes - but don't seem to get many photos in albums or journalling done. That I am hoping to change - realistically!! so I don't overface myself and then give up, and maybe somewhere along the way I can find the old mojo!

Anyway here I am - ready to try again - and attempt to blog at least a couple of times a week - and try to make my posts a little more interesting.

Thanks for stopping by.

Gura mie Ayd J x


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