Sunday, 23 September 2018

Too Cute to Spook??

Totally got out of the habit of adding anything here - but Love from Lizi has another challenge using her September card kit - so since I loved working with it I thought I would post a couple of entries

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Love From Lizi - Monthly Challenge

Another card as an entry in the first monthly challenge from Love from Lizi - #LFLMC

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Such a long time since - -

- - I posted ANYTHING on here - but mum and I had a ride out today  - using the famous Victorian Transport system still in place here on our island home. It has been a lovely day of blue skies and sunshine - the perfect weather for a trip out, though as it is the Manx Rally this weekend roads are closed in all kinds of places all over the island - so we could go anywhere by road. Seems it was the perfect opportunity to take a trip by train - and our trains are small, old-fashioned, have comfortable seats, the carriages have old fashioned doors with a leather strap to let the window down in order to get on/off and rattle quite a bit! nevertheless the old engine can generate a fair head of steam - so we boarded the train in Phurt-le-Moirrey and headed off to Doolish!

It turned out to be a lovely way to spend an afternoon - since as it is May our island is as flowery & bowery as is possible - we passed lovely gardens in bloom, the track was festooned in primroses, ramsons, beautiful white bells (whose name I do not know), forget-me-not, violets and of course bluebells - it is known locally as "the Bluebell Train" at this time of the year - and there were many passengers on board. I know the WI plans an Outing on the Bluebell Train each year - and it is so worth the ride - the woods with their carpets of bluebells is as I remember them from my childhood - quite magical! Unfortunately my phone battery was dead as a dodo - so I couldn't take any pics!

It doesn't really matter though - as I have had a pretty crafty morning and made a whole batch of cards - so I'll share a couple of them instead as actually the translation of the title of this blog meant Jennie Makes!

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