Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Happy Mail

Weekend hasn't been easy for me - - some days are not , and this was one of them - however skimmming through my favourites I happened to click on Julie's EtsyStore (Notes on Paper), and she had some new Bird Packs - and I LOVE birds - - Needless to say I placed a little order - - and look what tumbled out of the package that landed through my letterbox at lunchtime today! All this wonderful papery goodness for me to play with!
There is so much variety in these packs - different images, text, textures, page size - just take a look if you like someting a little different for your creativity.

And getting one of her envelopes is like an unexpected birthday - This was my previous order!!

Thanks for stopping by,

'til later
Bannaghtyn, J x


  1. Julie's selections are lovely and I'm glad it gave you a little lift :)

  2. It means such a lot to me to hear this Jennie. I'm very touched that your parcel, and the birds, to have helped raise your spirits. Thanks so much. [And thanks to the Royal Mail! Almost superhuman service!] x

  3. Hope the retail therapy did the trick!

  4. Such a lovely looking cornucopia of nice things to play with! Glad they have brightened your week, and continuing to think of you :).


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