Sunday, 29 December 2013

Simply a Moment - December

A moment in the Glen

Sunday - December 29th - 12.07pm

A shaft of bright sunlight through the window tempts me outside - a walk in the Glen calls methinks, - warmly clad I set off, with just my phone for company.

The leaves swish underfoot as I walk and I kick them around with the same pleasure a 6 year old might have and walk on, twigs snapping underfoot as I stride out - the high winds have wreaked havoc and everywhere I look there are lichen covered broken twigs, and signs of the forresters having been around with a chain saw to deal with fallen branches - a flash of wings and the blackbird is just where I was standing, beak busily searching out any grubs I might have brought to the surface - I smile to myself - he must have been watching me!
 I look over towards the beach - in the distance I see a couple of small groups on the shore line - tiny black figures silhouetted against the brightness.
This golden sunshine has turned the bay into a land of shining water - shafts of light make the sea shimmer and sparkle - diamond bright, flashing light back at the sky. I walk along briskly feeling my cheeks begin to tingle and my toes to get warm - it is much colder than I expected so I am aware that I need to keep moving. I turn the corner on the path and reach the headland - - the wind is rising, more storms are forecast for us later today, and it is quite chilly on the promontory here so I don't linger. In front on the path I catch sight of Robin Redbreast - and he too brings a smile to my face - I would like to stand and watch him but the chill in the wind keeps me moving, and although it it is still low tide, already the waves have white tops and are dashing against the rocks below the path. Time to head home, noticing for the first time a tree with many holes in its trunk - woodpeckers I wonder? - no matter how often I take this walk I always find something I haven't noticed before - - but then isn't that just Mother Nature all over?

This post is brought to you courtesy of Alexa's Simply a Moment meme - and she will have more "moments" linked up there - do pop over to read them.

Thanks for dropping in  -  as always you are most welcome.

'til later

Bannaghtyn, J x


  1. Just today I was thinking my soul needed a walk by the water and here you have provided it for me. I enjoyed our nature walk, Jen, thank you.

  2. What a perfectly lovely moment to capture!

  3. As someone who loves the sea and lives a long way from it, your wonderfully atmospheric writing has taken me right there this morning - thank-you! You must be feeling the forces of Nature very strongly where you are ... Hoping that there continue to shafts of sunshine in your life this season and thinking of you :). And it is always such a pleasure to see your link, and come and visit you - thank-you for joining in again this month.

  4. What a wonderful glimpse into your world. I hope you are enjoying your holiday season.


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