Monday, 22 November 2010

Getting ready for making

this years Christmas Journal along with Shimelle & Ali Edwards. It will be a combination  of Ali's December Daily - with lots of preparation and Shimelle's prompts to inspire me as I go along. I love this time of the year!!
I have made a Christmas Album of some kind since 2005 including those titled A Christmas Alphabet, Meandering in Munich, A Journal For Christmas, A Christmas Journal, A trip to Bruges and December Daily - --
I plan a further one for this year - another album documenting my December - because although it is rather a frantic time for me - 2 of my 3 children are December babies - one on the 17th and one on 23rd- - I do truly love this season. I am a sucker for the glitz and sparkle of the decorations in the shops, I love the aromas -the spices cinnamon nutmeg & ginger, the baking,  the sounds of the season and just the general hustle & bustle!

Gura mie ayd
J x


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