Saturday, 31 August 2013

My Month in Numbers - August 2013

Hello again welcome, welcome  - so nice to have you drop in - - I have been wondering you know - how has the end of another month come round so quickly??? It was only the beginning of August just yesterday - - - and it was still summer, whereas now the year is definitely on the turn.

It has been the most glorious of summers - and I am hoping to prolong it a little as we take our first holiday abroad since our world fell apart in June 2012 - we are off to Sicily very soon - another step forward anyway on this long road we travel. However - on to some numbers - alongside the lovely Julie of Notes on Paper, who invites us to join her in summing up our month with numbers as the starting point. She also has a shared Communal Count - so hop over to her blog for full details.

So - for this month I have noted that I needed - -
1 - new suitcase for the above mentioned holiday - and I have to admit to more than a little excitement about going since the BBC showed Montalbano on Saturday nights last year - it looked just so beautiful!
Have received - -
1 - unexpected gift - from the Artisan, which links in so well with the above. He knows that I only read on holidays really - (there is a story there I guess - but one that is hard for me still) and that I love a book set in the area/country we are visiting - - and he picked this up for me whilst on a climbing trip in Belfast last Bank Holiday weekend.

Have taken - -
1 - trip to our lovely Theatre - this time to catch a local production of Cats - - Our island is blessed with considerable talent musically - - and their productions are semi professional in my opinion, so my outing with my friends was a delightful evening.

Been a part of - -
2 - days slipping back in time as our village - and vintage transport system, celebrated the 1940's and our island's involvement with that period in our history.

I have already made - -
3 - blackberry crumbles! Unheard of to have our blackberries ripe so early! This of course led to 3 lovely half hours on the beach picking them, with the ensuing purple stained fingers and minor scratches. I just hope there are some left after my return from holiday.

And now to Julie's Communal Count - -
I had [a]
14 - visitors - including Mum & Dad, my sister, our eldest daughter, 5 friends, 1 Market Researcher   - - and 3 baby sparrows who ran around our garden for a whole day, recently fledged we thought therefore still gaining their "wings" and really needing to improve their flying skills - they spent much of the day hiding in the undergrowth of our tree and fluttering a few inches above the gravel - - (I was very glad that last month's cats didn't visit us on the same day!! though have been back again since).  Usually we are 3 - me, the Artisan and our youngest daughter. Only one of our visitors actually stayed with us.

Leading to
8 - days with my "fledglings" back under my roof as L---- spent a weeks holiday with us, and therefore requiring a very early start to get to the airport -

5.35am - - the earliest I got out of bed, which is very unusual - my days usually begin about 7.30am - I'm definitely a creature of habit!
Which I think rounds off my numbers quite nicely for this month.

Thanks so much for dropping in. Don't forget to hop over to Julie - she will have more "number crunchers" joining her, and she will give you a warm welcome.

'til later,

Bannaghtyn, J x


  1. We enjoyed the Montalbano series too and I've put it on my wish list of places to visit.
    The blackberries here are amazing this year, I now have 5 packs of them in my freezer.

  2. Love your purple suitcase - and wish you a wonderful trip. I enjoyed the Montalbono series as well, and what a fun surprise gift. Those blackberries look delish, but the crumble sounds even better.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog Jen, I really enjoyed your post about stepping back in time! Have a wonderful holiday, I'm sure find lots of numbers to record. But in the meantime enjoy your blackberries and fledglings!

  4. Many thanks for hopping over to my blog x
    Great set of numbers, hope the holiday goes well :)

  5. Your list of visitors is so charming!
    I think we have the same early rising time.

  6. We discovered the Montalbano books by accident when looking for something to read on a weekend break - when we hadn't taken any books. I just spotted it on a shelf, thought it sounded OK, my other half read it, enjoyed it ... then a couple of weeks later the first series appeared on TV! It's absolutely one of my favourite detective shows now - I'm sure you'll have an amazing time on holiday there. You most certainly deserve some beautiful Mediterranean escapism.

    Oh and ... will you be watching Young Montalbano starting on Saturday? I've read good reviews ... so hopefully it will be a good night in front of the TV!

    We've seen lots of people foraging in fields this summer making the most of the bumper crops - the term 'mast harvest' was a new one on me on the news this morning.

    I've added you to the board now:

    Happy September Jennie!

    Julie :-)

    p.s: The questions for the 3nd 'Communal Count' are now up on my blog if you fancy joining in again :-)

  7. I hope your trip does your heart and soul good, my friend!
    Alison xx

  8. Hoping you have a lovely time and that there is warmth and balm and ease for your soul ... Just echoing Julie's comment about the young Montalbano - I watched last weeks and thoroughly enjoyed it!


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