Tuesday, 1 September 2009

- - and class begins

Hooray - class has properly started now - the prompt from Shimelle was in my mailbox this morning :). Learn Something New Every Day 2009 - a class about learning from life - and recording just a little aspect of it in an album. Do feel free to come along and join us - clicking in the link in the sidebar will take you to lots more information about it.
At the end of the month I hope to have a completed album recording the month of September 2009 to go with 2006 & 2007 - I didn't complete 2008 - life got in the way! This year it will be a different year for me - in the middle of the month my youngest daughter goes off to Sheffield Hallam University and there is no doubt in my heart {or head for that matter} that I will miss her.
She is the only one of my three children who completed Further Education - and her daddy & I are intensely proud of her and her achievement - but I will miss her presence in the cottage - I know I will. She is excited and apprehensive in equal measure {as am I!! LOL} - but that's life really - a series of ups and downs, laughter & tears, joy and sorrow - and the mundane - all thrown into the melting pot that makes up the every day.
May be today's lesson should be a small reminder to myself of something I do already know - that REAL life is always made up like that - those ups & downs are called living - and whatever comes my way I will do my best to enjoy the experience - or Learn from it!
Hope to be back later with my creativity for today.
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Gura mie ayd. Jx


  1. Awe bless, sending you BIG ((hugs)). Can't wait to see how your book turns out. Good luck & happy crafting. Gez.xx

  2. so glad to be doing a class with you again

  3. Lovin' the look of your blog. {{{HUGS}}} about your DD flying the coup. Just think of all that extra time you'll have when you don't have to do a million loads of teenager laundry.....well, not until she brings it all home at reading week anyway ;)

  4. Sound like you have a busy month ahead. Looking forward to sharing more of your lsned journey with you x Ann x

  5. I'm sure your daughter will be fine - it's a scary time for everyone whether you're the one off to Uni or parents staying at home waving goodbye but it's worth it in the long run and when she does come home, you'll be able to apprciate it all the more.

  6. Best of luck with your daughter at uni.


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