Thursday, 3 September 2009

A little Stress relief -

- -is a very good thing. As you might have been able to work out - these last couple of days are proving to be designed to send my blood pressure soaring! On Tuesday I was lucky enough to bump into Kenny - and what he told me was enough to make my day. Today I needed to find another way of dealing with the chaos that is my work place at the moment - before I went home and snapped at my family!( Who are pretty stressed themselves as Doug is suffering with back pain & sciatica and Rhiannon is off to Uni for the first time.)
I can't really claim that today's lesson is a new one for me - but it is one I have a real tendency to forget unless I make a concious effort to head for the coast path or beach. Since life seems so fraught this week I felt it was appropriate to include it in this journal - and it is such a beautiful view.
Another very simple page - Shimelle's printouts, computer generated text, flowers & my butterfly stamp.
Please leave a little comment if you stop by.

Gura mia ayd. J x


  1. Love this page and you are so lucky to live by the coast 'cos that's what I'd love to do when I get stressed too!

  2. Hi just dropped by from Shimelle's :-) lovely page love the colours see you in class :-)


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