Wednesday, 2 September 2009

- - and it was

- back to work for me today - and I found myself facing a feeling of total panic - the teaching staff return to school on Monday - and the school looks like a building site!! There is scaffolding in the corridor preventing me getting into the computer suites, classrooms without ceilings, stockrooms with a collapsed ceiling, new toilet pans still in the corridors - and I have taken a delivery of over 80 desktop PCs and monitors that need to be in the computer suites by next Wednesday - when the children return - along with 80 new staff laptops that I need to build ready for swap out with their old ones – aaaaagh!!
I headed home feeling really stressed - on my way I popped into the supermarket and on the checkout was an ex student – a young man who had come to our island from the Philippines knowing no English – being 15 at that time he was allocated to Year group 10 – and had extra support with English lessons. He would often come to us in the library or the IT Dept for a bit of additional help & explanation with stuff he didn’t always understand, so I got to know him quite well during those 2 years he was with us - however he left in year 11 with rather poor GCSE results (understandably)
He went on to the College to re-sit the whole 2 years – and today he told me he had been accepted back to our school - as a Sixth Form Student - to do his A Levels. He was so, so delighted to have a place! He couldn’t even wait until it was my turn to be served to share his excitement at his success. Well done Kenny - You made my day - it just had to be today's entry - So today I learnt – working in Education can be the most rewarding job in a the world.
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  1. What a tough day, so glad there was something happy to come out of it all. scrappysue

  2. A wonderful story on your lo, hope they get work sorted before the kids are back Tx

  3. Ahhh I hate days like that, but what a lovely story too. Great page. X

  4. Your story is even more powerful with the backstory of your computer issues! Thank you so much for sharing this. I started back this week also with students next Wednesday. I presented to the staff the past three days so am also feeling a bit stressed since I didn't get to do any of my work this week. It is nothing compared to installing all those computers, though!


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