Monday, 1 July 2013

My Month in Numbers - - June 2013

Oh my goodness - - where did June go then? I cannot believe just how quickly this month has flown: perhaps it is something to do with the fact that I have done my very best to keep busy and avoid having time to look back - - -
As a result it has proved to be quite full of a variety of activities - - and to the best of my ability I have tried to take pleasure in them. It hasn't alway proved to be easy - - - but I did the best I could, and so I am once again recording A Month in Numbers.
Julie at Notes on Paper invites us all to join her in recording a synopsis of our month by making a note of significant numbers to help remember the memories - - and though I am much more of a words girl myself, I am finding it an interesting hook to use, and I am finding Julie's monthly round up surprisingly helpful to get me to make a note of stuff, though I am not a natural "counter". This is all down to a Month in Numbers and Julie, of Notes on Paper will give you full details here.
So for June -
  • 1 very, very difficult anniversary - - I miss him so much - which led to my next numbers 
(and sometimes only creating something - - ANYTHING has got me through the days)
  • 2 workshops signed up for online -  Catching up on my Blog reading I found a link for Find Your Voice - details can be found here - and Passport to Art - info can be found here - on Gallo Organico. My thanks to Rinda for posting the links
  •  3. 5 days with our eldest daughter. I worry about her being alone - - and this first anniversary was even more of a worry. Anyway she came to stay for a long weekend and we got through together. We even managed a couple of lovely outings - to The Sound and to Milntown so I am hopeful that the weekend felt more like a short break than holding each other up - metophorically speaking. 
  • 4 - Cards made and sent - I am not much of a cardmaker these days but did have fun playing with scraps and was very happy with this card made for the Happy Couple
for whom I made --
  • 100 + - Rainbow Flutterings - - of paper butterflies - Die cut and assembled as table "confetti" for my friends daughter's wedding day next month. They are larger than traditional table confetti - as they are cut from Memory Box dies - - and I hope the happy couple are pleased with them and that they add the required "Rainbow" to the tables at the Wedding Breakfast. Making them got me through a very difficult anniversary - - and I will be for ever grateful to K & A for giving me a happier event to focus on. I can't give an exact number since I forgot to count them before I gave them to K & A.
 11 - The number of days consecutive sunshine I actually took note of - - June has been a beautiful month for us here on my island and I have had some 15 different "outings".
June is a popular month for activities on my island - not only do we have the Annual Tourist Trophy event - (perhaps more familiarly known as TT Week) when our island is invaded - in the nicest possible way - by Bikers and their sometimes very beautiful machines; but the Mannanan Music Festival, The Queenie Festival, The Laxey Victorian Extravaganza and The Hidden Gardens of Port Erin all going on but also have new or "one time only" events to be apart of; including An Evening with Anton & Erin (think Strictly Come dancing), A 1940's Tea Dance  (Fancy Dress anyone??) and A Cheese & Wine Evening. And of course - I still have my usual social activities of a weekly visit to our bar of choice, a lunch date at said bar/restaurant and my crafty get togethers with friends

- - so this month I/we have used
  • 16 tickets costing me some £240 - - written down it looks to be SUCH a huge expense! C'est la vie!
All in all - I seem to have collected rather a lot of memories together this month - - in spite of how very hard it was to get by on some days. I do also want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you  - from the bottom of my heart - to those of you who have left so very many kind and thoughtful words and comments in connection with my first "number" on this post. You will never ever know just how much they have meant to me and have often felt like a hug of encouragement. The "WWW" is a wonderful community  and am very grateful for this world of online friends from around the globe.

Thanks for stopping by
'til later

Bannghtyn, J x


  1. so pleased you have managed to get through such a difficult month Jennie, you have certainly been very busy. As always I love what you have made.xx

  2. You're such an inspiration - to present such a wonderful, generous, outlook on life in the face of such a hard anniversary.

    I think your £240 sounds like money well spent - what a lovely mix of things you've found to keep your spirits up and momentum going.

    I've added you to the board now Jennie:

    Wishing you all a peaceful July [with lots more sunshine and outings to look forward to]

    Julie :-)

    p.s: The questions for the 1st 'Communal Count' are up on my blog today if you want to join in with that this month.

  3. I've been thinking about you this month and quietly admiring your courage and determination. One step, one step..

  4. Thinking of you with such admiration. Loved reading your MiN. Your island sounds wonderfully busy at the moment.

  5. It is lovely to see you posting more often and to hear your voice :). I am full of admiration for you, for your ability to be genuine and to let us glimpse a little of the hard times as well as the engaging with life again times. Continuing to think of you ... How lovely to have your daughter with you for a little too :). Your island sounds full of interest and entertainment!

  6. I enjoyed your MiN post and just wanted to let you know I'm sending a dose of love from my spot in blogland. May you have a July filled with delights.


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