Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Month in Numbers - July

Welcome, welcome - - so glad you dropped in

 - - the days are slipping through my fingers like water and my blog has been sadly neglected this last couple of weeks, and for that I do apologise - but here I am again with yet another month that has disappeared on me!  However it is time for Julie's Month in Numbers meme  - hop over to Notes on Paper for full details - so I rounded up my thoughts for another month. I have answered the questions posed by Julie for a "communal count" as well!

I really don't know where the days making up the back end of the month went to - I did have several days when I struggled somewhat  - but have decided I am blaming the weather myself - it has been so very lovely here on my little island - a true summer - glorious blue skies, warm and sunny - which has pulled me outside on more than one occasion - just to be outside has been enough. I did keep my Scavenger Hunt Photos in mind though - so my list is coming along nicely. More of that later in the week hopefully.

But on to some numbers methinks -
  • 1 - new toy! I have often looked longingly at DSLR cameras thinking I would one like to take better photos. I look - feel the weight - and realise I would probably not use it - so put them back on the shelf. I did find this one though - it is Compact System Camera - not DSLR - but it is so much lighter, I can get lenses, fiddle and play with aperture, focus etc  - so I am much more likely to use it. Whether I can take better photos remains to be seen!

  • 1 Packet full of all this Happy Mail - I am really loving my Plundered Pages packs. It is fun and exciting just opening them - like an unexpected present! So if you too like intriguing collections then you need to pop over to Julie's Etsy shop to get your own - -  oh and the freebies that tumbled out as I opened it are an extra pack of goodies in themselves! Thank you Julie.

  •  2 - the number of retirement parties I have attended for friends - both former colleagues at the school I worked at myself until last year, with the necessary hand made cards.
  •  2  - surprising visitors - These beauties visited my garden on 8 days this month. I have no idea where they might live - but they do keep coming down my steps - and always together. They are also very vocal - in the way Siamese cats are! I LOVE tabbies - (I would have a cat if it were not for my daughter's asthma). These two have the most beautiful eyes - I hope they continue to visit me occasionally - they are a friendly pair - and still quite young I suspect.
  •  9  -  including this one - the number of posts on my blog this month - not so many as last month, but the blog does look less "abandoned"!
And now - the answers to the questions Julie set

  • 56 - the number  of items in this bag (why?? I ask myself!!) including purse, camera, 5 loose tissues, headache tablets, keys, folding shopping bag, make up 3 lipsticks, 1 mascara, 1 blusher, 2 pens, 1 mirror, 1 lipsalve and a badge)loose money - 3 notes and 22 pound coins!, phone, 2 gems (off said phone case) Moo cards in case,  a strip of raffle tickets (to win Katie Melua's handbag -  and I didn't! - a fundraiser for Manx Cancer Help), emery board, passport, 2 tubes lip balm , 2 bottles of perfume, 2 receipts, 1 hairbrush and 1 business card picked up at Tynwald day)
  • 351 photos - with 157 with my compact camera, 143 with my iPhone,  51 with my new camera. It remains to be seen if I do take better photos!! I am trying to learn to anyway - - and am spending a few minutes each day to get to know how to best use it - I am reading the manual!!! It is so much harder to remember stuff than it used to be - oh to be young once more! I have been playing with frames on my phone - this is one of my first attempts and is just flower shots from my garden.
Thanks so much for dropping in - and if you have Month in numbers of your own or have enjoyed my numbers - do swing over to Julie's Notes on Paper  - there will be lots more numbers as well as how to join in for yourself.

'til later,

Banaghtyn, J x


  1. wow that's a lot to fit into one bag. I love your new camera and can't wait to see some more pictures,
    Jo xxxx

  2. That is a lot of stuff but like the detail of the raffle tickets etc. I still have to count mine up. The photos are looking good so far if those flowers are anything to go by. You have done way more posts than me but I am hoping to redress the balance and get into a flow of blogging regularly x

  3. That's a lot of stuff in one handbag! Though it's always good to be prepared :) It's good to hear that the weather has helped you to get out and enjoy your new camera. I hope August brings more of the same

  4. I'd like a new camera and - while I have no knowledge of what tech spec to look for - I do know one thing ... yours is a lovely colour!! It's *so* easy to have my head turned by a nice, unexpected colour [eg. both of the laptops I've owned are yellow!]

    This weather has been such a gift hasn't it? Sunshine can make life just that bit better can't it? I'm so happy to hear it's drawn you + your camera out on the 'hunt'!

    And I'm thrilled that you enjoyed your parcel [I have fun packaging them - browsing through 'bits' and selecting what to include ... although I doubt it would pass any time + motion studies!]

    Love the handbag! I think all us MinN bloggers are keeping the tissue-makers in business!

    I've added you to the board now Jennie:

    Wishing you a gentle and bright August.

    Julie :-)

    p.s: The questions for the 2nd 'Communal Count' are now up on my blog if you'd like to join in again. I think those feline visitors might make an appearance in the response to one of the questions ... :-)

  5. Fun list. Congratulations on the new camera and may you have lots of fun experimenting with it. Love your garden photos and you two guest visitors - they certainly are beauties.

  6. Have fun with the new camera...and I am trying to imagine how you get all those things in a handbag that doesn't look ALL that huge!!
    Alison xx

  7. My goodness, those coins must weigh a bit! Fascinating to see how much you have fitted into that bag - did it belong to Mary Poppins before you? :). Glad you have had a proper island summer. It sounds blissful ...

  8. Great job. I'm posting mine on Monday. Haven't attempted to count the things in my purse. I only counted the photos I took.

  9. Cute new camera! Have fun playing with it. :)

  10. I'm intrigued by the contents of the handbags and I need to ask if you use the same bag all the time or swap the contents over as you change bags? Looking forward to seeing your photos from your new camera. I agree with Julie on the fab colour.

  11. thanks for the peek into your handbag. Some lovely numbers for the month


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