Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Passport to Art - Day 3 & 4

Welcome, welcome - so nice to have you call. I have carried on with the challenge I am finding working on this art journal - though it's not easy for me. I love working with the quotes (well - you know me and words!!) - but altering books is not something I have done much of before and I have never kept and "art journal" - - anyway - - here are my next couple of pages.
Page 3
The prompt was about Visa's which made me think about permission to travel and thus tickets- - so I made a little envelope to keep the visa in - I glued 2 pages together, one folded to make the pocket, have painted the background again - stamped with my Indigo Blu map stamp and a Crafty Individuals Ticket stamp, added some more of Julie's Plundered Pages - Foreign Language text again - but linked in with visa - as I kind of think of them as being in more than one language like passports, a scrap of patterned paper and a Tim Holtz ticket.
Page 4
The prompt here was Packing - hence the stamped suitcases - - but this quote really made me smile and think of how technology is now an essential part of packing - (iPads, Kindles and Smart Phones!! - my girls don't go anywhere without them!!). However I really was taken back to my childhood travels with my mum and dad - and how an essential item was the leather bound Map Book-  so a map was called for - which I found on a sheet of scrapbook paper. We never went on any holiday without it - I learned to map read from mum with it - it was a point of reference for historical monuments, open spaces, stately homes and our national parks as well as taking us through the miriad towns of England en route to our destination - in the North, South, East or West of Britain - the West Country, or the Garden of England, or Scotland, or Northumbria or Yorkshire or Wales or the Midlands - or indeed any of Britain's beautiful counties - I was fortunate indeed, as I think we may have visited them all - even if only for a day. Though I haven't added journalling yet - this is what I will write about on this page.

I am finding it an very interesting experience to do this workshop - and  am certainly liking the prompts. Thanks for dropping in

"til later,
Bannaghtyn, J x


  1. Great job - I love the "look" of your book. And what fun journaling about the map book. I think that's one of the wonderful things about art journaling. It's an opportunity to rethink, remember and memorialize little bits about ourselves.
    So glad you're doing this class,too.

  2. This is lovely and I am always intrigued by pockets and hiding places. Wishing I'd picked up on info abut the class earlier - I do love travel related things! I am a huge lover of maps too, and got this from my Mum also ...


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