Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Simply a Moment - July 2013

In the Garden
Tuesday - July 16th - 9.47pm

A movement across the room catches my attention and I look up from the computer screen and my letter writing, the Artisan has switched the TV on - must be getting time for the news  - - the clock ticks softly behind my head and I glance out the window. The light in the garden now is dimming gently as dusk creeps ever nearer to darkness and this light has all my white flowers seeming to be lit from within - a host of soft white moons against the green  - - they pull me outside - - the garden is cool and still - - the red rose which opened fully this morning is aglow in the fading light - richly coloured and tempting to the touch - if only I could reach it!
In the hedge I am aware of soft chirpings and rustlings and realise that our families of sparrows and great tits must be back to roost for the night so I cross the garden to the white rose -  the perfume drifts over me as I stroke the velvety petals gently, so many blooms - each one perfect, those still in bud have a pink tips to the petals -  - no dead heading needed yet - - I love the long summer evenings - they are the gift we have, in exchange for the very short winter days in our northern climes, and I realise I notice them so much more here - being just a little further north than our previous home makes an amazing difference .

a voice from inside the cottage disturbs this moment of tranquility - "Tea??" he asks from the door - I smile and head back indoors - -

Once a month Alexa asks us to take a moment - to observe - using all our senses and note it down -  so once again I'm linking up with her at Trimming the Sails where she runs this meme each month - if you pop over to visit her here- you will find lots more "moments". Off you go - you know you want to - and maybe you have a moment of your own to share too?

Thanks for popping to my garden -
'til later

Bannaghtynn,  Jen x


  1. I love our summer evenings too, your roses look glorious.

  2. Such a gentle and restful moment I've experienced here :). A warm evening at dusk in a garden is indeed a glorious place to be and you have brought it alive for me. Glad you got a cup of tea too! Thank-you very much indeed for joining in - I am always delighted to see your link :).

  3. Hello mum
    You popped up on my news feed :) . I love the red spotty background :)Did dad trim the roses then?

  4. The roses are lovely and I enjoyed being out in thhe garden with you for a brief moment. I think I heard crickets :)

  5. Lovely roses, beautifully captured moment.

  6. lovely roses - I'm enjoying the scents in those dusky evening moments, the warmth brings them across the patio to surround me I find and tempt me outside.

  7. Thank you for sharing your summer evening. I love the scent of roses too.


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