Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday Snaps - Photo Scavenger Hunt 3

Welcome, welcome - - My decision to join in with Rinda's Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt - full details can be found here - - is getting me out and about, locally anyway - and I have a couple more photos to share.
No 4 - Airplane

A trip past the airport was quite helpful to get this shot from the top deck of the local bus. Our airport is small - and we have more small and/or private planes visible than the larger jets - - though I suspect they will seem very small too, especially to those of you more used to large city airports!
 No 6 - Someone or Something Taking a Nap
 I couldn't resist this Sleeping Fairy sculpture in one of the gardens I visited today. I have to have a Fairy in this list don't I? After all anyone who has visited my beautiful island home knows how important it is to say Hello - to the Fairies at Fairy Bridge. Our Manx fairies are to be found all over our island - and can be very mischievous if you forget to greet them properly with a "Morriagh Mai".
This weekend has seen a number of villagers opening their private gardens to visitors - 15 very generous families have shared some truly beautiful "Secret Gardens" with those of us who spent a pleasant hour or two in gardens generally hidden away behind walls and gates. I did take my camera out of course in my wanderings!
No 13 - A Fence - take 1

Somehow I expected to find lots of fences to snaffle today on my garden visits - but actually there were very few. Mostly they were what I would refer to as Railings - - however I had to include this next photo - since the Artisan made and fitted them!
No 13 - A Fence - take 2
My final photo for today -
No 14 -  Stained Glass or a Mosaic
This little chap was hiding away in little corner of one of the hidden gardens I visited today - and I couldn't resist him - he had a little friend at the other side of his pot too - which I may share next time I put a few photos together.I am linking this post with Rinda's monthly round up, and hope to have an album on line soon with all the photos so far.
My earlier posts with pics from the hunt can be found here

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'til later

Bannaghtyn, J x


  1. More great finds today! I love, love, love the sleeping fairy. And the lizard reminds me of the Gaudi park in Barcelona. I'm thinking of some kind of online album, too, because I've like the ones that I have seen people posting today.
    Thanks for joining the linky,

  2. Oh, I love the fairy and the pretty little lizard. Great finds :o)
    Do you know, I thought I'd been a follower of your blog for a while now, but I am now!

  3. The sleeping fairy is a wonderful interpretation of the prompt! Your mosaic was a great find and something very unusual. I am also enjoying getting out and about for the hunt.

  4. love the sleeping fairy

  5. That sleeping fairy is a nicely unusual find. I like it!

  6. I'm loving seeing the different mosaic objects, so many different kinds. Great idea with the fairy too.

  7. Oh I love that fairy - what a tempting statue. I didn't know you were on the Island, I have family there :)

  8. Ohhh, love that long shot of the plane!

  9. You,have two very unusual photos there, in the fairy and the mosaic - how very unusual!

  10. It looks as though you are being very successful in your snapping photos for the hunt. I must remember to look down more often, lest I step on a sleeping fairy. Lovely pictures!


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