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Photo Scavenger Hunt 4 - - The Tynwald Topics

Yesterday was rather a special day on the island's calendar as July 5th is Tynwald DayTynwald is our parliament - and they normally meet in Douglas, but today, the Manx National Day they meet in the centre of the island at St John's. There is much going on - a church service, parades, reading of the laws, and lots of ceremony - - Tynwald Fair, music and dance, and the wearing of the Bollan Bane. We usually go for at least an hour or two - - it is pleasant wandering round the stalls, especially on a sunny day and it is the nearest we have to an outdoor market -  - then stopping for lunch to enjoy freshly made sandwiches, tea and home made scones in the St John's Church Hall before going across to the village green to watch the Manx dance groups perform, listen to the traditional music as well as the brass and silver bands.
I hoped to be able to add to my Photo Scavenger Hunt list - - and I wasn't disappointed - so here are a few more pictures to tick off my list, for more details do visit Rinda at Gallo Organico, (you might want to play along too?) - - along with a few others just recording the day. I have put a couple of links in if anyone wants to know a little more about Tynwald - - and it's explained far better than I can do it

I got the above shot on route to Tynwald - - we had to go over the Sloc and then Slieuwhallian and past the ruins of the old lead mines. This is the ruins of the old Engine House Tower and its Chimney

 and above are shots of the Belltower in Purt ny Hinshey
This was my find for item 15 - they are always out in force on Tynwald Day - usually in their white helmets - just like this chap here.

 This photo shows the traditional Manx costume - now only worn by this particular folk dance group. The fabric for the gentleman's trousers is woven from LaoghtanWool - and this soft honey brown is its natural colour. It is a very soft yarn and the sheep are classed as a rare breed - and have four horns, though  there do seem to be plenty on the island still.

A Manxman in his kilt and a Manx Lady in her kilt and "weskit" - - the Manx tartan is meant to  represent our island - all the colours in it have meaning - the blue for the sea and the sky, the green of the fields, yellow for the gorse, a touch of purple for the heather and white for the cottages. It is made here at Laxey Woollen Mills and kilts are often worn at weddings by the Groom and the other gentlemen of the wedding party. I am adding these to number 22 on Rinda's list  - I may need to swap one of the items - - and also for me they do represent our island as they are all wearing the Bollan Bane as well. Although its not on the list I have added a photo and explanation that are always in the Manx Homecomers Tent on Tynwald Day.

It was a lovely day to be out and about and I was pleased with my Scavenger Hunt finds.

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Bannaghtyn, J x


  1. Lovely photos, you are getting on. Off to check out your links.

  2. well done on getting some scavenger hunt pics and I really enjoyed reading about the rich history of the Isle of Man, something I know nothing about.

  3. Great photos and how neat for you to be living in a place with such a rich cultural history and traditions!

  4. What a great selection of pictures..and I find myself wondering how you get your tongue around some of those names!!
    Alison xx


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