Thursday, 4 July 2013

Passport to Art

- - as I mentioned in my Month in Numbers, I committed myself to a couple of on line workshops. Both I think I am going to find challenging, especially this one as I am really out of my comfort zone here with Bernice's Passport to Art making an "art journal" in an old book. As the theme and all the quotes Bernice has searched out are travel related I thought I might manage - even as an absolute beginner and she suggested an old Atlas would be a good basis for the journal. I haven't been able to find one - but did come across an old book called When the Riviera was Ours - and as it was stitched I snaffled it as fast as I could from the Charity shop. It wasn't easy for me tearing out the pages of a book - - but I thought of Julie at Notes on Paper - and remembered how much I had enjoyed making something with her Plundered Pages - so I shut my eyes - - and pulled out some of the pages!! Oh my did I feel GUILTY, still I gritted my teeth and carried on! I usually MAKE books - not dismantle them.

With Bernice's very helpful guidelines - I have actually managed my first page - - as my book wasn't an atlas I hunted out all the stamps I have, that seemed vaguely travel themed - - and even managed to find a map background - (from Indigo Blu). I have glued and painted and stamped - got a rather  messy and sticky-fingered - - very much out of my comfort zone - - as, though my work space is often messy and cluttered - - I usually manage to keep my hands dry and reasonably clean - - even when I am inking everything in sight!

Any way here is my very first attempt at and art journal page. I want to add a little more colour to my figure but as I am not sure yet how I will do this I left her alone and I will add journalling to the tag - I haven't quite got my thoughts in order for that yet. Lots of scribbled ideas from the other workshop I am taking part in (Find Your Voice with Rukristin Papercrafts - details here) and I am re reading the journalling tips from True Stories - a class I took with Shimelle a while ago. So I think they will help me focus my thoughts.

The journey/travel theme to this workshop took me down the holiday route when I was working on the page, so tickets and postcards came to mind - the stamped postcards are just glued on 3 sides to make it a pocket.

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Bannaghtyn, J x


  1. Oh, I like this! The map effect is lovely with those blues and greens and those postcards are a great touch ... Glad you are enjoying (mostly!) dipping your toe into new waters!

  2. This looks GREAT! I've read all the getting ready materials and the first prompts for Passport to Art, pulled out an old atlas (it's falling apart, so I'll have to re-bind it once it's complete), and hope to start on this in the next day or so. It is definitely out of my comfort zone, too. You did a great job on this first page!!!

  3. this looks like fun, will be following with interest x

  4. Your journal page looks lovely! You've made a wonderful start.Can't wait to see your other pages - I am already way behind! lol

  5. What a great page! I think your post illustrates the whole point of the quote for today. I love it and can't wait to see what else you do. I'm posting some Passport to ARt pages on Monday and Tuesday. The one on Monday also incorporates some of the prompts from Find Your Voice.


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