Friday, 29 April 2011

A Royal Wedding Day - -

- - I had no plans to watch, we had no street party or celebration planned - as I had got completely fed up with all the hype that seemed to be surrounding it - and I always feel that weddings are family occasions, I wasn't going to bother - - however I did watch, from just about the time Catherine Middleton arrived at the Abbey - and she looked so serenely beautiful - - aglow with happiness - - that I watched in spite of myself. When she arrived at his side - and he told her she was beautiful (I can lip read) tears welled in my eyes. I really didn't expect that I can tell you - since I have never been tearful at previous weddings ever! However I do wish both of them much joy & happiness. I also hope that any of you who had parties had a wonderful day.
I really like Carol Ann Duffy's poem written in honour of the occasion - she has to of course - being the Poet Laureate - you know of my passion for poetry. She visited our local Art Festival in 2009 and it was wonderful to hear her read her poems and put the emphasis where it mattered. I heard her voice when I read this in the paper today.

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Bannaghtyn J x

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