Sunday, 17 April 2011

Alphanumeric Blog Hop - This makes me tick

Welcome - especially if this is your very first time to visit my blog - it's lovely to see you! I do have to tell you that this post came to life purely from Mel's post about the blog hop - as the image was a letter short of the full alphabet. I had to try out her idea of writing with just 25 letters to play with!!

Those of you who have visited my blog before may be aware that I share the day of my birth with Armistice Day - so that, that time of year is particularly special for me -  The Poppy Appeal is a charity I support wholeheartedly. You perhaps also might have picked up my love for words - and as words are made from letters - I like those too! All the way from A to Z!  I love the shape of them, what you hear if you speak them, how they feel if you say them, plus the pleasure of them put together to create those words. Merged together they make music - lyrics come to my head, poems shout their joy, whilst prose colours those pictures I see with my soul. My favourite poets, writers or lyricists are those whose words excite me or make music for me, whether that be because of the rhythm of the verses - quick or slow - or the pretty pictures their words create for the make believe world of my head. Do words do that for you too?

Letters put together by others set me off searching for ways to improve my way of "putting letters together" to make my words beautiful too. I have tried - so hope that just sometimes I have succeeded.  Shimelle's classes are a great help . This writer particularly lit up those pictures in my head, she makes pictures with words - she has descriptions that stay with me always, giving me the desire to also create pictures with words. So sometimes I hope my efforts have paid off.
I adore my family - they are my rock - the treasure that makes my life so special, with them I am rich as they give me such a wealth of joy.
Of course I also love "pretties"  - paper, trims, photographs - so I scrapbook - flowers, beads, pottery - so I make stuff - to cook gives me pleasure - pastries, pies, bread, cakes - so I bake - home is special to me - fabric, firelight, comfort - so I keep house for my family to make a happy home. All these small pleasures make me smile - so I feel happy.  I hope they make you happy as well - today I wish you lots of little joys that make you smile.
There are lots more of us to "hop with" today, all at play with this idea - the full list is below - but first you might wish to visit JimJams- so here you go! Have a lovely day.

'til next time.

PS - as a slight twist over what's said by those Sesame Street characters - this post NOT brought to you today by the letter N!
You can find everyone through this list - so enjoy!

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Note: If any of the posts aren't up yet, please bear with us - the different time zones and the peculiarity of blogging platforms when it comes to autoposts may mean that one or two posts don't appear on time! If that's the case, come back to this list to pick up from the next blog, but do please pop back and try the other link later, when the post should be there for your enjoyment

Gura mie Ayd!
J x


  1. wow - bravo - so hard

    now normal nattering can begin again

  2. Nice!
    What a clever post - well done!

  3. A very clever post how you made that letter disappear leaving us to guess to the very last word. you must have a very creative thought process. Just to type this short bit has showcased how hard it is.

  4. Oh, my! I'm seriously impressed - a beautiful piece of writing, and all accomplished without using such a common letter! Thanks so much for your clever contribution to my hop xx

  5. Wow, I'm with Mel, seriously wonderful writing.

  6. i am amazed! i had to read it twice! Great job!

  7. that is so impressive not sure I could have managed not to use a given letter with such eloquent prose! xxx

  8. Fantastic! I love that the idea came from Mel's original post with the 'n' missing. Ingenious!

  9. How very clever to leave out just that letter!
    Fiona x

  10. This is wonderful. I had to go through it twice to see what was missing! love your take on this!

  11. Wonderful read and I admire the creativity behind it.

  12. What a lovely thoughtful and thought provoking hop post! I'm another lover of words and I think you have done a fantastic job of coralling lots of excellent ones here today.

  13. I read it a few times and still couldnt work it out. Great post.

  14. How you accomplished a complete post without using that letter leaves me amazed! (Hey, I got a complete phrase without it!).

  15. I have read through some more of your posts and I love your way of putting things I'm going to add your blog to the ones I visit. Thank you so much for giving me such pleasure. Like you I love poetry and prose.

  16. Very clever! Well done! And I really like Elizabeth Goudge too. :)

  17. Very clever! Well done! And I really like Elizabeth Goudge too. :)

  18. That is an awesome post!!! Can imagine the brain power that was used :)

  19. Wow, great post - such a special way of avoiding your particular letter!

  20. What a great piece of writing1 If you didn't wouldn't notice!!! It flows so well!! Great work!! Sandi :)

  21. fantastic post! I couldn't have done that in a million years! xx

  22. Gr8 post! I love what u've done :)

  23. In the same vein as your wonderful post I would like to recommend a book to you: "Ella Minnow Pea: a progressively lipogrammatic epistolary fable" by Mark Dunn - it is quite wonderful!

  24. Your way with words is always so lovely to read - no wonder the alphabet is appealing!

  25. First time visitor, and I love your blog background. And what a clever post - so hard to do, I would think.

  26. What a clever post! Glad to see that you joined in on the blog hop! :)

  27. Very impressive. Great work! You have a new follower.

  28. Very clever - not sure I could have written a post like that without using a certain letter.

  29. I had to read it twice to get what you were at - very clever. It is sad to say that I did spot the two you let pass. It will take a 'search' to 'put' it right.

  30. Wow - a very clever post,this is my first visit and I will be back!Just catchinge up as I have been away since the hop :-)


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