Monday, 4 April 2011

After a glorious - - -

- - Mothering Sunday - indeed all weekend - - - the rain has set in! The skies are grey and it is pattering on the skylight above my head - it feels wintery once more and I just want to be home - curled up in front of my chollagh with a good book!
However reality bites and here I am at work - at least I didn't get too wet coming in. And it has gone SO cold, the drafts round my ankles make me wish that I had my boots on! How on earth I am I to get through today without shivering I don't know - I shall have to get the winter wear back on!
Something brighter to look at though -

I made this as a demo piece.

Hope it is lots warmer where you are!

Thanks for stopping by.

Bannaghtyn Jx


  1. This is just lovely! The colours are soft yet striking and I love the clustered arrangement of those pretty flowers.

  2. That is so soft and pretty!

    It's warming up a bit here today, but you are right: Spring seems to have shown her head and then disappeared again

  3. That is absolutely gorgeous love all the flowers and butterflies a stunning page


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