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A Month in Numbers - May 2013

Julie runs her Month in Numbers series on Notes on Paper each month and has done for a couple of years - over that time, I have read many interesting posts from fellow "bloggers" who link up with Julie and last month I was tempted to join in myself, so wrote my first post - - I had some pretty special numbers I really wanted to remember  from April 2013.

I wasn't sure there would be any numbers to record for May - but to my surprise I have found myself making the odd note of a few numbers - unusual for me anyway, as my real passion is words!!.
  • 1 Swap - -  
Participated in - - only a small step but since I seem to have had no heart for so much, significant I feel - - so a big Thank You to this lovely lady for organising it. 
  • 3 - Books read - -
Reading has been something I have found difficult to maintain my concentration on this last year, so to regain some pleasure in it whilst on holiday has been a surprise. I read Attention All Shipping, Miss Garnet's Angel and The Night Circus whilst on the narrowboat we spent a week on, along with my sister-in law and her family.  I hope it means a return of my pleasure in reading, as the last book I finished was How Far to Bethlehem? at Christmas, and that was one I have read before.

  • 3 - "Heirloom albums"  - -
(My friends description) completed alongside my friends who come along to share Crafting at the Cottage with me each week since January. We have worked together on different projects - me sometimes sharing techniques I have picked up in my years crafting to help my less experienced friends. I have so much enjoyed it, not only their company,  but the sharing aspect of our weekly get-together. It seems R----, C----, L------, P------ and K--- also think it fun - so we start a new project together when I return from holiday - with the addition of a new friend joining us - A----- , a new member at Craft Club. Crafting with these ladies from Craft Club has really helped to fill some of the huge hole I still have in my life , and for that I am truly grateful. These are my albums (all inspired by this lady) - all now awaiting the photos to arrive - one for each of my daughters and one for my sister. The photos - when they arrive - are all vintage pictures of the females in our family.
  • 17 - Radish seedlings  
All sprouting and looking healthy! I am a somewhat inept gardener - a "stick it in and hope for the best" kind of girl - the first time I have ever planted anything other than flowers in my tubs and pots and I have certainly never planted vegetables from seed before! Trying to grow a few vegetables in our cottage garden was something I hoped to be able to do with my Ben - that wasn't to be, sadly - but  I made the decision to have a go anyway - I have planted beans, lettuce and other salad leaves - which are all sprouting - but the radishes were the only seeds in a separate pot that I could count!

  • 27 -Years together
I can't quite figure out where those years have gone - 27 years?? and think "how did that happen then, our wedding was only yesterday!"And I cannot express how much he means to me without sounding really like some teenage girl experiencing her first "crush".

  • 70 Feet

Above the valley floor crossing the Pontcysyllte Aquaduct!

  • 460 yards 
The length of Chirk Tunnel on the Llangollen Canal, which we travelled down in a narrowboat as part of our holiday last week. Only a single boat width - it is fortunate that you can see if there is already a boat in the tunnel before you set off!

To find all the details of A Month in Numbers - and maybe join the "number crunchers" yourself - hop along to Julie's blog to link up - I know from my own experience she will give you a very warm welcome.

'til later,

Bannaghtyn, Jen x


  1. so glad you are able to do a bit more Jennie, it's lovely to read your posts again, take care xx

  2. Well firstly I must wish you both a happy anniversary too!

    Catching up on things I am so moved that you're joining in and sharing your numbers - it's a pleasure to welcome you in.

    And as for you being surprised by the number thing when your passion is words .... me too! I think the simplicity of the number is just a key to opening the door on the story. And your lovely post is proof of just that.

    I've added you to the board now:

    Thinking of you [and your radishes].

    Julie :-)

  3. A lovely set of numbers!

  4. A great set of numbers x
    happy Anniversary to you both x may was obviously a good month for weddings :)

  5. I am so glad to read that you are finding joy and happiness in some things again, Jennie..well done on going ahead with the vegetable garden!
    Love and hugs
    Alison xx

  6. What a nice group of numbers. I'm so glad you participated in the swap, too! I love my package!!!
    And I'm glad to hear that you'll be playing along with the Photo Scavenger Hunt. It's fun and no pressure; find as many as makes you happy. And you have until September.
    My book group read The Night Circus and liked a lot of things about it.
    Congrats on the anniversary,

  7. your narrowboat holiday looks fun - we have done the Llangollen many times and I really miss that I can't do them anymore. You are my kind of gardener - I just stick it in the ground and give it two choices - most of the time they choose to grow LOL!!

  8. Nice to read that you've been away on holiday and that some of your creative energy is beginning to flutter again :). Looking forward to reading more about these vintage photos - sounds a wonderful project ...

  9. Happy belated anniversary! I am only now making the rounds and enjoyed reading your numbers. I would love to get together and craft with friends like you do but I am more of a "closet scrapbooker"!!

  10. Was that the width of the bat you spent a week on?!?! It makes my heart smile reading about your crafting group, your plantings, reading again and completed projects. The Female heritage" albums are an awesome idea. The Chosen One and I celebrated our 27th on the 14th. I was 27 when we married :) Look forward to seeing your June numbers!


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