Monday, 3 June 2013

Storytelling Sunday - - Something old

Welcome, welcome - - - here we are again at another Storytelling Sunday - hosted for a 3rd year by Sian at High on the Sky. This year Sian asked us to record and share something Precious - - and the many storytellers who participate have found a myriad of things - special and significant in their lives to share a host of wonderful stories - - so here is mine for June, rather late for Sunday I know - and for that I am sorry, nevertheless I hope you enjoy my precious.

- - they hang there in my wardrobe, slightly incongruous amongst my coats, dresses, jackets, skirts and blouses. Two small garments - very rarely worn - indeed - one of them only worn once, and the other has only had a handful of outings, both too small for me now - yet I keep them hanging in my wardrobe. I wonder sometimes why I keep them - especially now, as I often think they are unlikely to ever be used again - -  and yet - - -

The oldest is now the softest of fabrics, probably because of its age - - it feels fragile to my touch and I love its delicate prettiness - - the other is silky and feels so much stiffer, though, like the other was made for the softest of skins. Neither has been worn for many years - - they were last worn together  26 years ago.

The oldest was worn 22 years ago this month, a very tiny white gown of the softest lace - - - my family Christening gown, that was made new for me, by my mum from her wedding veil, then worn by my sister, my eldest daughter, my son and then my second daughter. Perhaps one day I will have a little grandchild who might wear it once again - - .

The other garment is a tiny white quilted jacket - - new for our son - - made of satin - a lovely sheen on it, and a little more "masculine" we felt, than the lacy shawl that my daughter had been wrapped in on her Christening Day - - -

Two items this month I know - - but they are irretrievably linked in my eyes so that I see them always a one precious pairing.

There are a host of stories around the web this week - you can find links to them all here, so do drop in.

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  1. oh, oh another person with christening clothes! I love to look at them and marvel that my baby was ever able to fit in them.
    Thank you for sharing

  2. I'm not surprised that you keep them....precious indeed.

  3. how lovely to still have them, very precious.

  4. How wonderful that it incorporated your mother's veil! Lots of memories and events rolled into one.

  5. They are absolutely beautiful! What I'm really starting to enjoy about this series of Storytelling Sunday is that we are all revealing our similar thinking on the precious things in our lives. I am off to my Mum's soon to have a look for our family Christening Robe :)

  6. Your storytelling is beautiful. I was completely enthralled in the way you described these two garments and was pleasantly surprised to find they are baby clothes. Not just any baby clothes either but the most important garments a baby will wear, as they are baptised into God's love. Beautiful!

  7. I know just how special these must be to you...such precious memories..thanks for sharing, Jennie
    Alison xx

  8. Some things are precious because they are used often, and some things because they are used only a few times. What a beautiful pairing of precious items - I'm sure it's a joy to see them hanging the closet all the time.

  9. Such beautiful garments Jennie, treasured memories and a wonderful 'precious'

  10. These are beautiful - thank you for sharing them and their story :)


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