Friday, 27 April 2012

A visit to Belfast - -

- - just for a weekend break - but am hoping to take in the new Titanic Exhibition. I am looking for ward to going for a "girly weekend" with my eldest daughter - just the two of us - which hasn't happened since she was a little girl - before her siblings were born.I think. I am very excited - as I will be at the airport in an hour - waiting - slightly apprehensively admittedly - to board the tiny plane that hops across the Irish sea between me and Ireland. They are so small - 20 seats at most I think - and the pilot is also the steward!! And he and the cockpit can be seen whenever the curtain he is behind swings open slightly! Wish me luck!
Would they think I was mad if I took some photos? Or would they arrest me?? LOL - trying to think of the best way to incorporate the experience in my Week in the Life!!
Thanks for stopping by.
'til later.
Bannaghtyn J x


  1. sounds like fun if a bit scary, of course you should take some photos!!

  2. I hope you took photos..and have a great time!
    Alison xx

  3. I hope you manage to get some photos seems a great idea to me. enjoy your trip and your girly time.

  4. I am sure at least one photo is in order - and wishing you a wonderful time. One of my ancestors worked on the Titanic as a cabinet-maker (did not travel on the ship), and I'd love to see the exhibition. :)


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