Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Titanic - -

- - 100 years ago today RMS Titanic left Southampton Dock to set sail on her maiden - and only - voyage. The White Star Line believed her to be "unsinkable" - - though sadly not in the way that was envisaged in 1912 - because in truth - she does seem to be unsinkable in the way that she has held us in thrall for 100 years. And today - I find myself wondering why she has such a hold on our imaginations - other ships have foundered - yet their names do not live on the way the RMS Titanic does. I am as guilty as anyone of finding myself fascinated by the story - and indeed am off to Belfast at the end of the month to visit the new Titanic Building and exhibition centre and am so excited at the thought!
There must have been such an air of excitement dockside that day - don't you just wish stones could talk - if only to tell us what it was really like? We can only guess - hustle and bustle - tears - laughter - dreams - perhaps she was the ship of dreams and that is why her fascination still hold sway.
I would liked to have sailed on the Anniversary Voyage - but it was not to be, that is an unfulfilled dream - but at least on that sailing there are enough seats in the lifeboats.
I'm not sure what has made me think of Titanic today - unless it was noticing the date on an appointment card!!
I do have a little bit of craftiness to share - I did tell you I was really trying to make time for a little play didn't I? I managed it - so here are my "Shabby Chic" tags for the international swap.

Thanks for stopping by.
Bannaghtyn J x

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  1. Your tags are very pretty I love them makes me want to make some but I just don't know what I would do with them once they were made.


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