Wednesday, 11 April 2012

And even more play time! - -

- - I love holiday time at school - it means I get a bit more time to do things just for fun! Just one photo this time - of my other set of tags form the international swap - there are my interpretation of the  "French Country" version. Both sets are now well on their way to the other side of the "pond"- - well I hope they are, I sent them airmail at the weekend.(When did postage get to be so expensive - that really has crept up on me unawares I can tell you!!) I seem to have to wait for ever to get US mail to reach me  - I am still awaiting parcels sent to me in March! - I got one yesterday -  so hope it doesn't take so long going in the other direction!
Anyway - thanks for stopping by - and hope you like the tags.

Bannaghtyn J x.


  1. Your tags are all beautiful!
    Alison xx

  2. So pretty! I like the one bottom right, particularly ...

  3. Who wouldn't love those tags with the birdcages and butterflies and such lovely colors too.


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