Saturday, 1 December 2012

December Days - - 1st December

- - -an unexpectedly lovely start to the December I was/am dreading. As is usual on Saturday - the Artisan and I took flowers to Ben - and both of us - (also as usual) left with tears in our eyes and to combat that - we decided a drive into town and maybe wander a little might prove a good enough distraction. A gentle amble up the main street led us to M&S - where we not only found the perfect wreath for Ben - but my very dear friends C------- & S----- browsing the festive section - and shopping! Since the plan was for the Artisan to go off to the Climbing Wall and leave me to wander at will - I joined C & S for "kaffee und kuchen" and to share memories of our several previous Xmas trips to Bruges & Munich Markets and such! 
It has turned out to be delightful day for me - we have shopped til we dropped! each managing to find something we genuinely were looking for and also the odd unexpected treasure that really couldn't be left on the shelf! I so appreciate these dear ladies - both such very good friends to us in what has not been a happy year for our family. So I do have something really nice to remember to start this years December Album - and for that I am truly grateful.
It gave me the boost I needed to pluck up my courage and get out my previous years' Christmas Albums since I first joined in with Journal Your Christmas class with Shimelle. I cannot deny that I found it very emotional - and there were more albums than I realised - so that I was surprised when I put them all together on the chest to take this photo. They aren't all JYC - but my mix of the class and December Daily and special trips. But along with the occasionally damp eyes I have found myself also smiling as I flipped through the pages - so maybe I can regain some of my pleasure in the festive season - I know I have to try anyway - otherwise I am lost.
For those of my readers who have given me such kind words in comments - I really do appreciate them all - far, far more than you realise - you are amazing - so thank you!
Thanks for dropping in
'til later

Bannaghtyn J x


  1. That's a fine collection of albums - and I do like the seasonal look to your blog :) I'm so glad to hear of the positive experiences you've enjoyed today x

  2. I'm glad you met some good friends and could enjoy looking back over your albums xx

  3. Love your collection!
    I brought my album from last December for the family to see for the first time today and I loved how the kids fought to see:)
    They remembered everything - even the four year old:)

  4. I'm so glad you are finding moments of joy Jennie
    Alison xx


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