Thursday, 29 November 2012

A Journal for Christmas? - - - -

- - - and once again December creeps up on me unawares - though to be fair - this year I am in denial I know. I am not sure I know how to deal with this - it has always been a favourite time of year with me - ever since I was a small girl - but this year there is such a huge hole in my life and heart - which seems as if it will never mend - that I cannot imagine how I will get by. These poor eyes well up even just thinking about the Season this year - and half of me just wants cancel it, deny its existence, make it go away --- anything so it doesn't impinge on my life, making my very hard-won equilibrium disintegrate in splinters once again, I miss Ben so much it is a physical pain and I cannot think rationally about Christmas without him this year - I am very aware of this - however - I have discovered these last few months that the actual act of creation -the MAKING of anything "crafty" absorbs my mind totally, in fact it is the only thing which has done so - and there is no room for other more distressing thoughts in my head - so because of this I have decided that I must "screw my courage to the sticking place" - with apologies to (Will Shakespeare for tweaking his words!) and see if the making of a 2012 journal might help me get through the month.
And of course the delightful Shimelle runs her "Journal Your Christmas" class - of which I am a long-serving Alumni - and reading her reasons for starting her very first journal made me think I should try to participate. I know from experience how amazing and supportive class members are - so perhaps they may help me to regain some of my previous joy in this most magical time of the year.  Wish me luck dear reader.
Thanks for stopping by.

'til later and bannghtyn, J x


  1. I'm praying that you find a way to follow along that helps you through this difficult first Christmas, Jen. A little bit of therapeutic craft might be just the thing. Take care xx

  2. just do as much as you can Jen and know that we are thinking of you xx

  3. More than wishing you luck, I will be thinking of you and remembering you daily, Jen. And it's extra hard when we know the only way through is through the middle of the pain ... Hoping that crafting something daily this year will be a help in this. with warm regards, alexa

  4. Having something to do certainly helps Jen...Christmas is STILL a bittersweet time for me..but that first one is the worst....praying that crafting and the love of friends and family help you
    love and hugs
    Alison xx


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