Wednesday, 5 December 2012

December Days - December 5th - Written down -

- - Shimelle's prompt today is about written communication - usually I have a Christmas letter written to go in all the cards I send to close friends and family who live across the water from us - sadly - I have no heart for that kind of letter - this year there will not be one. I am not sure I can even contemplate cards! So - what to write about? It was this line in Shimelle's prompt that spoke loudest to me - Write to - - - - - or someone you know you will miss dearly this Christmas - - - and so it shall be. I suspect what I write will not be for general consumption - even in my album - it will be hidden away. I know it will be written with tears in my eyes - - -

Thanks for stopping by

Bannaghtyn, J xx

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  1. Oh Jennie......virtual hugs and love are all I can send you today
    Alison xx


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