Thursday, 22 May 2014

Made it Monday - Featuring Fans - Cards Corner

Hello dear readers and friends, I hope all is well in your world. I really meant to set this as a scheduled post for last Monday, but after all my hard work drafting it I forgot to hit the publish button!! I do have a lot on my mind - I was just beginning to get my sense of equilibrium back - but now I have stuff in my life going on that is very hard to cope with, - but enough of that. 
On to happier things - -
We organised a "Die cuts" Swap at our Craft club at our last monthly meeting - and all those ladies who wanted to participate cut some dies of their choice - a set of Nestie labels, 5/6 of  a "Topper" type die or a set from a collection - and I cut a set of fans from my Marianne Dies as my contribution - but when I was getting them out to cut them  - to my shock/horror  - I discovered that I have 9 dies which cut fans! To be fair one set are background shapes for the delicate lacy tops - but I felt so guilty!!! As a result - I thought - I really ought to use them!! So here are a few of the cards - in varying sizes that I have made using them. I am obviously an addictive purchaser of shapes/dies which I like!!! - I succomb to the same things time after time.
This card was made using a dies from Joanna Sheen - and it really cuts well  - it is very dainty and delicate and a small die - but so pretty. There are 2 in the package - the other die has a heart as a focal point - it is also very delicate and dainty - as you can see below on the on the 3x3 cards - and the heart cut out is a very acceptable size to use elsewhere - so don't discard it!!

   This die is also by Joanna Sheen and is one of her larger fans - also very dainty and delicate in design which cuts beautifully!

and finally I have a card made with with my Marianne fan dies

Thanks for stopping by, as always it is kind of you to "call".

'Til later,

Bannaghtyn, J xx

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  1. Now, I had no idea there were dies in the shape of fans! Aren't they delicate and lacey? I especially like the one on the Kent in the second row of photos. Sorry to hear there is hard stuff around ... And hoping your wonderful landscape and Nature will help you keep an equilibrium in it all. Thinking of you ...


Hi and welcome - thanks for taking the time to let me know you called.


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