Monday, 5 May 2014

Made it Monday - A Baby Album

Early in March this year I was invited to a "Baby Shower". Now this was something very new to me - as though I know " Showers" are very popular with our American friends across the pond - I felt quite out of my depth! What would be expected of me? Should I go? - J----- was at school with my Ben and she was a friend of my son's - a lassie I don't know especially well - yet she has constantly kept in touch since I lost my son. A friendly email, a quick text, a message on Facebook - often just saying she was thinking of us - and so I felt that perhaps I should go - It was their first baby - it was to be an Afternoon Tea ( a favourite with me!) and so I decided to make a Baby Album for them. I would liked to have made one for my son's first baby - but that can never be now - so I made this one for J----- & her husband instead, and as you know dear readers - "making stuff" keeps from falling apart too often. It did occasionally reduce me to tears when I was making it - but I am glad I did it.
As they knew their baby was a little boy - I used the Mother Goose collection by Graphic 45 - and used the only 8x8 pad and white card. The album is 6x6, I made a box for it to keep it nice and the pages are 5.5x5.75 inches. Here are a few photos anyway - I hope you like it - I think they did.

 There are lots of flaps and pockets - and each page is a top loading pocket with photo mats in each, and I included an acetate photo template she can use to cut her photos to size.
 A page to fill in the important details!

 This page has two small pockets to add the hospital
bracelet and any other small treasures
she may wish to keep
The final photo is the lid of the box, which I made from 2 sheets of Bazzill cardstock  - to strengthen the box slightly I lined it with smooth white card - which made a surprising difference to how sturdy it felt. The bright primary colours in this paper collection were a step out of my comfort zone - I really like vintage and shabby chic - but I was really pleased with the way it turned out.

Thanks for stopping by -

'til later,
Bannaghtyn, Jen x

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  1. I bet they loved it! Having something so lovely to add photos too will be a real record keeping encouragement for a new Mum


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