Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Sound of - -

- - my life. I was so sad to hear last night that Robin Gibb has lost his battle with cancer, and as I watched that snippet on the news I realised that the music of the Bee Gees has been there in the background almost all of my life -  I can't call them my favourite band - but they have always been there - well their music has - right from the very first hit Massachusetts when I was about 12/13. through the Saturday Night Fever era - (oh happy days! ) to Islands in the Stream and later songs - in the background and you know - I can't think of a single song of theirs that I dislike? I hadn't realised just quite prolific song writers they were - or how talented in their field yet I don't think  I possess one of their albums or singles.
They spent their formative years here on my island home and have been back to visit and play in local music festivals  - and so I would like to thank them for the pleasure they have given me all this time, even though they didn't know it and without me really knowing it either!  - -  Rest in Peace, Robin - you and your brothers will be missed.
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I have thought about their songs rather a  lot today - and would find it really hard to choose just one as a favourite I have found the lyrics running throuhg my head as I work - and have even been tempted to burst into song (NOT to be recommended I can tell you!!)- but amongst those on my shortlist would be Words, To Love Somebody, Heartbreaker, Islands in the Stream, New York Mining Disaster and Jive Talkin'..
Which of their songs might be on your shortlist I wonder?

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'til later
Bannaghtyn J xx

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