Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Mail Art Exchange - -

- - - I have had a productive weekend - been a very busy little bee indeed. I am taking part in Ginger's Mail Art Exchange for the first time this year - and have my very first envelope all ready in the post - I am a complete beginner at this - so hope it is OK for my partner in the group.
As a beginner I had to do some research to find out as much as I could - and was delighted to find so much information out there on "ye olde world wide web". I have ordered a copy of the book that started  this journey I am now setting out on - it was one of Sian's "Pass the Book" - and I really fancied having a good look at it.. Ginger is a star for setting up this group:)
Here is a photo of my envelope - before addresses were added - so thanks for looking. I am not going to post the contents ------ as I do firmly believe that the first person to know the contents of a parcel or envelope should be the person it is addressed to. Can't share as I forgot to take a pic - !! Ooops!
Last week my eldest daughter was staying with us for the week so I didn't get much crafting done - too busy spending time with her - very important to me as it was Christmas last time we were able to be together. We had a good week all round - starting with our visit to Northern Ireland - and already I am missing her company. However - daughter number 2 is home for a week before she starts her final exams for her degree course - so she has filled the "space" if you follow me! She is a little stressed - the final element/project/module (not quite sure what to call it) of her course has not been easy for her and she has got herself worked up about it. I am doing supportive mum as well as I can.

Thanks for dropping in.
'til later

Bannaghtyn J x

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  1. Your envelope looks great...hope your daughter is feeling a little less stressed after spending some time with mum!
    Alison xx


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