Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Maypole - Storytelling Sunday

Today is Storytelling Sunday at Sian's - so today I share with you a memory -  and for lots more stories drop in on From High in the Sky.

- Granny opened up the big table in the room at the back of the shop and mummy tipped out her shopping bag - a myriad of soft colours cascaded across its surface - pale blue, soft rosy pink, lemon yellow, and white  - rolls of crepe paper, followed by yards and yards of wide ribbons in similar colours, and cheap and cheerful artificial flowers. "Here dad" said mummy to grandad - scooping up the ribbons and thrusting them into his hands - "should be long enough, I think, can you nail them to the top of the pole?" "Aye" he answered, "I can do that" before disappearing out to the yard.
Mummy tuned and looked at her small daughter - dancing with excitement at all this prettiness - "Is it my dress mummy? Is it my dress? Can I be pink? Can I, Can I??" Mummy laughed - "How about pink and white?" she asked " I need to make enough for all of you". - - -
- - so there we were, one sunny May Saturday afternoon - many years ago - dressed in crepe paper frocks - made by my mummy - dancing around a Maypole adorned with ribbons fixed on by my grandad and trimmed with flowers by granny, and yes , we did weave in and out to make a pretty pattern down the pole with the ribbons - - - followed by high tea, that as I remember it - - seemed like a street party. Happy days!!
Chilldren dancing around the Maypole at a summer fair in Dulwich park London. Photograph: Alamy

Hindsight makes me think that it was probably just we children who "picnicked" outside for our tea - but there were a good number of us - K-------, E-----, D----, W-------, K------, J--- , some whose names escape me and little old me. But when I do look back down those years - I only see smiling faces, and sunshine - and it always brings a smile to my face.

Image from The Graphics Fairy
This is brought to you as part of Sian's Storytelling Sunday - and more stories can be found here

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  1. Sweet memory, very beautifully narrated. I love the pictures too! Here from Sian's Story Telling Sunday.

  2. Oh, how lovely! It brings images of sunshine and happiness and smiles to my mind :)

  3. I have a lovely picture in my mind now..lovely story Jen!
    Alison xx

  4. How very lovely! I have often wished that we did something like this round here, but for this year you have conjured it up for me perfectly! I love the thought of all that prettily coloured crepe paper..

    Thanks for joining us today. It's a pleasure to have you with us

  5. What a lovely post!
    Have a nice Sunday,
    Cheers from France

  6. What a nice memory - and nicely told. Never seen a maypole except on documentaries.

  7. What a lovely memory. I'm so happy that somebody else shared a May Day story.

  8. my daughter did a maypole dance a few years ago at infant school, it is a lot harder than it first appears thanks for sharing your story and reminding me I will have to try and find the photos (if there are any!)

  9. Just love the image of all those gorgeous ribbons and crepe paper!

  10. Sounds exciting. I have only ever seen pictures of people dancing around a May pole and didn't realise that they made patterns with the ribbons. How cool is that!

  11. Lovely memory. My little boy saw a maypole dance at a school we visited and he was just sooo excited to go there and to take part next year.I know Dulwich Park very well, we used to live around there though not seen any maypole dance.

  12. I remember watching maypole dancing as a child - I really must see if I can find some to watch again! Great story - the excitement shines through.


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