Sunday, 29 May 2011

Moments in between - -

 - - a couple of  weekends ago on Amy's blog she posted a challenge to scrap the day - ON the day - I was going to have a shot at it - but life kind of got in the way so I didn't actually scrap any photos. However the challenge did set me off thinking about those kind of everyday moments - the moments in between the activity that fills our days in our busy lives - those big happenings in life, Births, Weddings  are all such big milestones - and we remember them so very well, but Amy's challenge was to scrap the other stuff - - so I found myself thinking of the mundane, the ordinary, daily life type of occurrences. Those that might be so ordinary  that there are no photos to go with any of my thinkings and from there it led me to a few very precious - moments ? not sure how to describe it best - feelings that keep me warm inside - I think - is the nearest I can get to putting it into words. Thinking about them made me realise just how important these thoughts are to me - and how frequently they pop into my head to make me smile inside- and I hope that I never ever forget them - so I am "scrapping" them here on my blog - just in case I do!
  • the smile in his eyes as they meet mine across a room
  • the feel of my daughter's hands in mine and my son's small arms round my neck
  • the strength in my dad's hugs when I was small
  • my grandad's whistle - (non existant really as he had lost all his teeth as a young man - so he kind of whistled through his gums!) and my granny's laughter
    • shared hugs with my mum, dad and sister known in our family as "piggy-mustards" (Don't ask me why my baby sister called a huge family hug by this title - but it stuck - and has passed into the family folklore to my own children)
    None of them especially exciting - nothing I could actually take a photo of really - but stuff I think I do need to record for me - so thank you Amy for the prompt - even though it led me down a slightly different path.

    thanks for stopping by.

    'til later
    Bannaghtyn Jx


    1. Lovely memories....I love what Amy's prompt led so many people to think about!
      Alison xx

    2. I think we all have memories like that, you've got me thinking about mine, thanks x

    3. Those are wonderful memories indeed! So happy you were able to jot them down!

    4. I have been trying to come up with a way to preserve a few 'feelings and thoughts' over here at the moment - my little one is off to school and I am trying to find a way to remember how her hand feels in mine ... I know that she won't want to hold my hand for much longer!
      These are beautiful memories :-)

    5. Love your memories, and 'piggy mustards': we just call them 'group hugs!'.

    6. That's a really interesting response to the challenge :) I hope you find a way to get at least some of these onto layouts, but meanwhile they're preserved beautifully here xx

    7. What a beautiful path Amy's challenge led you down :)

    8. visiting from Amy. What beautiful and special memories you have preserved here. This was a great challenge . Glad to have 'found you'

    9. Wonderful post. Excellent idea for the challenge. These are the moments that we never really capture in photos.


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