Tuesday, 31 May 2011

He wore - -

- - blue velvet --da-da-da - - -played on the radio this morning as I was coming in to work - listening to the words triggered a memory. - - - the Artisan was wearing a blue velvet jacket the very first time I saw him. It made me smile so much - blue really is his colour - it matched his eyes! Actually I think his eyes sre getting bluer as the years go by - if that is possible of course.

The young man in the blue velvet jacket stood in the entrance hall - such a vast space - how was he supposed to find the meeting room of this club he had been told about? The stairs alone were grand enough for a stately home - and the doors and corridors off the hallway were just massive - and therefore intimidating. He looked round again then set off down the corridor past the stairs - hoping for a sign on a door which might help - nothing. Turning round again he returned to the main foyer - and set off in the opposite direction this time, just as the outside door opened with a flurry of cold air as several young men and girls entered chattering and laughing together, followed closely by a middle aged man and his wife, and a couple of tall and rather handsome young men. Richard and Nick saw him as they came in and headed straight towards him - slapping him in the back as they caught him up to him - "Hey good  to see you, come on up with us" said Richard and turning him round the three of them joined the other young people heading up the stairs. Richard & Nick chatted away introducing him to everyone in the group.
A slight girl with long blonde hair had also noticed him as she arrived - and that first glimpse had been enouigh - she felt as if someone had just prodded her in the back - yet she was the last person though the door - whilst the voice in her head kept on repeating -"Well - what are you waiting for? That is who you are meant to be with, Well - what are you waiting for - go ON!" It made no sense - another feeling of being prodded in her back jolted her into movement - she turned round - no one there! "How odd" she thought. She shook herself slightly, shrugged her shoulders and tried to put the feeling of knowing a total stranger out of her head.and headed up the stairs behind the rest of her friends - -


  1. Gosh, how intriguing! Don't leave us hanging.... :)

  2. So lovely! you write beautifully, and are they living happily ever after? can't wait to find out.


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