Saturday, 21 May 2011

A day for - -

- - making memories. It had to be didn't it? Because today was the kind of day which doesn't happen very often in anyone's life. They woke to pale gray skies and the threat of rain - but that didn't really matter -  what did was getting all that needed to be done fitted into the limited time they had, getting the house ready for anyone who might wish to come back, getting herself off to her appointment, the little one up, bathed and dressed in all her finery, getting ready themselves - - -
Rushing about madly she shifted furniture around to make space in the small front room, spread a clean cloth on the extended table and get out cutlery before heading out the door to her appointment."I'm off now " she called up the stairs - a muffled answer floated down - she had to dash or she would be late. They were opening especially early for her so she had to be there!
Running along the road she felt a few spots of dampness on her cheeks - "Rain, rain go away, Come again another day - - - - - " danced through her head in time to her steps as she hurried along the road. There was a brighter sky comimg in- -  so hopefully - - - - The bus arrived at this moment so she got on and paid her fare, just a 15 minute ride and she would be there. She checked her watch - time was really tight actually.
Reaching her destination she left the bus and crossed the road to the shop,  pushed the door handle to go in - only to find it resist her with a vengeance. It was locked - she knocked briskly, and waited fully expecting Trscey to open the door to her but got no response. ~Oh NO, the voice in her head almost screamed, she's forgotton me -- she knocked again this time with real desperation - still no response - what was she to do? how long could she afford to wait to see if anyone arrived? She felt a  little foolish now - standing outside THIS shop at 7.15am on a Wednesday morning - even the one across the street was all closed up, I'll wait 15 minutes she thought as she wandered disconsolately towards the bus stop, wondering what she was going to be able to do herself if no one turned up to open for her? - - - -

To be continued - -
Til later

Bannaghtyn J x


  1. Looking forward to the next instalment ... Very atmospheric.

  2. You are a tease can't wait to find out more


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