Friday, 24 September 2010

We don't always know - -

- - when we come across "a Good Samaritan" - - - - - - I learned there are still some really kind &amd decent people in the world. My youngest daughter lost her passport - though she didn't realise it at the time. On my way home from work I received a text message which said -" Hi. I wanna let u know that I've found Rhiannon passport on the street this morning."
I texted my daughter as she is back now at University -  found I was informing her that she had lost her passport! I was able to reassure her that it had been found, and passed on the phone details of her unknown "angel in disguise" - she then had a rather stressful night awaiting contact - however she made arrangements to meet her good Samaritan and she and her passport were re-united - - result - one very, very relieved and grateful young lady. And also a mum who didn't have to find the money to replace it!!

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