Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A little more - -

-- progress today - - a few tags, which are actually my pages for my album. I have made them all from scratch - and though they are a variety of sizes they do all co ordinate as I have used a fairly restricted colour palette on them. I am working with just one collection of papers - Wisteria from Basic Gray - and very few flattish embellishments as all the tags must slide easily into my pockets - and indeed today's lesson - Limiting my supplies this way makes for much more efficient scrapping! might well be the lesson for today.
It's been particularly hectic at work today - teaching staff are back in after their summer break - and students will join them on Wednesday - so I might find that all my intentions of trying to make a page each day for this album might going flying out the window! I will keep on doing my best though.

Please feel free to leave a little comment if you stop by,

Gura mie ayd -  J x

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