Thursday, 3 December 2009

On the 3rd day - -

- - of December - - I am getting so excited - only 2 days to go before I visit the beautiful City of Bruges. I am going on a day trip to the Christmas Markets there - on a direct flight from the island - along with a group of friends from work!
You have no idea how excited we are - - we are worse than the teenagers in school!! It is our main topic of conversation each time we have break or lunch - - goodness knows what we will be like next week when it is all over! It doesn't even matter that we have to be at the airport at some ungodly hour on Saturday morning!
I have printed out maps from Google, been on Trip Advisor to find any reviews and on Flickr looking at photos!! Last year one of the highlights of my Christmas was our short break in Munich with my friends from work to go to the Christmas Markets. We can't afford to do it every year {sadly :(} - and now we are saving up for a trip to Sorrento - - but have managed to scrape enough together for this one day excursion, and I think we are all really looking forward to it!
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