Thursday, 3 December 2009

"Oh the Weather outside -- --

- - is frightful" - seriously - not snow {I wish, I wish - - well JUST for Christmas day really} but wild weather is battering my island home! We are experiencing real "Sou'westers" - gusting, blustery winds, - - the sky grey, heavy & menacing, looming over the hillside crushing the light, emptying its load in sheets of rain onto the sodden fields below - - can our tiny island really soak up any more water? - already the farms are waterlogged from earlier downpours! - - whilst the sea races in - - crashing over the seawall, on to the road to catch the unwary motorist, - - heading home through the storm, blown spume skipping across the windscreen then dancing madly in the headlights like mischievous little imps!

Coming in from this, buffeted down the steps, hair tangled, damp and not a little breathless - my home feels so welcoming, - - - once indoors the cottage settles into the hillside - drawing its thick stone walls closer, wrapping us in safety and protecting us from the worst of the weather - I do so love my home!

It made me think about the weather - and actually had me pondering what would be the perfect weather for Christmas Day - and I have come to the conclusion that I am very much a traditionalist at heart, hopelessly romantic and completely taken in by the "cosy Victorian Christmas" illustrated in "A Christmas Carol" - I blame Charles Dickens myself!!! So ideally I want snow - just enough to turn my world white and sparkly - just for one day - - cold , bright & sunny - - the kind of day that makes you want to go for a walk after Christmas lunch!
It doesn't seem to happen much anymore - and I can't remember many when it did - snow was almost always before or after Christmas when I was growing up - -and these days I live by the sea - so very rarely see any snow at all. We do get some lovely sunny Christmas Days though! -Perhaps not this year - will have to wait and see.

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Gura mie ayd, J x

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  1. I wish it would snow! I am keeping my fingers crossed for a white christmas :-)


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