Tuesday, 1 December 2009

"I Declare - - -

- - that I am going to make a Christmas Journal - to capture  my December 2009 for eternity - to look back on and remember and to reclaim the magic that this season of the year is to me. I will GIVE myself a few minutes each day to make an entry in my Journal without stressing and purely for the delight and pleasure it brings me, so that at the end  of the month I will have a record of this Christmas. Along the way I will post entries here, try to share my creations with other Christmas lovers around the world and make a little time to admire and be inspired by THEIR creations too - - but most of all I declare my intention to re-claim my enjoyment of the season."

Today is the start od Shimelle's JYC class for 2009 - I am an alumni of a few years now being on. I think,  on my 4th or 5th journal so - really I think I ought to know what I should be doing. The class is such fun to be a part of - -  even if I fall by the wayside as the month gets busier! I do have all my stuff collected together and all my blank pages cut ready to go - so if I print out my manifesto - - as above - - I'm good to go!!

I have managed to make a couple of ATCS for Craft Club swap tonight  as well -  so I good start so far - long may it last!
Do feel free to leave a little comment if you stop by,
Gura mie ayd! J x

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