Sunday, 1 September 2013

Storytelling Sunday - The Brooch

She was surprised to find it light when mummy opened the curtains and realised with excitement that she had never been awake this early before on a summer morning, the air itself seemed to tingle with anticipation and the sense of controlled hustle and excitement was palpable.
It felt cold, which surprised her as it was the middle of June - but then she had never been awake so early before, mummy was waking and dressing her little sister -  who just looked bewildered and only half awake - - then she remembered - granny and grandad had stayed last night - so-o-o exciting!
Now dressed, she danced towards the kitchen - - Granny was there - adding bread, butter, tea, bacon, eggs, milk and all manner of other foodstuffs into a large bag whilst Grandad was checking the primus, the teapot/kettle, the matches - - adding cups, plates, spoons to another bag and that the bottle of violet coloured meths was full enough to last the whole time!

Suitcases lined the hallway, coats piled on top, along with a flower book , the map book, washbags - - the front door suddenly opened to reveal daddy - who picked up the largest suitcase, turned and went out again - - Grandad was suddenly passing her and he too picked up a suitcase and went out the door - - daddy was back again - this time collecting the bags from the kitchen - - -

A flurry of activity from the 4 adults around them - - it was time - "Come along" her daddy spoke slightly impatiently "we need to get going" as he checked all was locked and hurried them all into the car - - - 

- - for us to set off on our very first trip to Cornwall - which was where this tiny brooch came from made from some silver coloured base metal, a ring of green enamel, a small circle of what is supposed to be mother-of-pearl but is actually (I suspect anyway) plastic - topped by a tiny pisky figure - a small cheap tourist souvenir, which, whenever I come across it in my jewelry box, takes me right back to that very first Cornish holiday and the beginning of a love affair with that most magical of England's counties which remains with me to this day. I fell - - hook, line and sinker for its rugged beauty, awe inspiring seas, enchantingly quaint villages, legends, smugglers, fishermen, miners, harbours, light , art - everything about it was - to the girl I was - entirely too romantic for any words my 11 year old self could have found. I don't actually remember which of Cornwall's delightful villages this little brooch came from but was my introduction to Piskies - I am not sure which of those 4 adults I spent my childhood holidays with actually bought it for me but it is incredibly precious in my eyes, for whenever I see it - every one of the wonderful holidays - not only in Cornwall but in other parts of the UK too -  with my mum, dad, sister and grandparents come flooding back.

It also represents my love of Cornwall's rugged beauty and charm that captured my heart all those years ago. Cornwall holds it still - for me it will always be a magical county. I have spent very, very many happy holidays there since that first visit, have adored every book I ever read that was set there, from Mallory Towers on that first car journey, through Jamaica Inn, Frenchman's Creek,the Poldarks and The House on the Strand and -- I wore it in my coats for many years and we had many more of those very early starts! Coming across it again has triggered many more memories - which I really aught to record - - - - - -

Many thanks to Sian of High in the Sky - who hosts this meme, and this year suggested that we Pick our Precious - without whom THIS story may never have been written down -  - and although I have failed totally with this month's challenge to write down a "short" story! (Well you know me and words!)- -  there will be many more stories about on the web today. Just click here to follow the links - maybe you too have a story to share?

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  1. I've never worried about the 'short story' option myself and am glad you didn't either. What a lovely memento and collection of memories.

  2. I love longer as well as shorter. I always say I'll take my stories any way i can find them :) So beautifully conjured up you have renewed my hope of visiting Cornwall myself one day. A lovely story.

  3. To me a story is as long as it takes to tell it. Sometimes, I can shorten it down without losing the story but others just have to be long. I think yours is just perfect and I had a lovely glimpse into a family day out with so many happy memories. I love your little brooch too, it may be of little monetary value for you but it's priceless. Thank you for your visit to my blog, truly appreciated and yes, we had a lovely day out too.

  4. What a beautifully told story! I loved every word of it!

  5. How wonderful to have a precious item that evokes so many great memories!

  6. Oh how I could relate to this lovely post. We always went to Cornwall when I was little. Usually around the Looe area. I too have a little pisky!
    Also your book choice - we are literary twins, I loved Mallory Towers, oh how I wished I could go to boarding school after reading all of those. And then when I got older Dauphne DuMurier enchanted me.
    Thank you for taking me for a trip down memory lane!

  7. I love the perspective you had in telling your story, and it was exactly as long as it needed to be!

  8. WE also used to holiday in Cornwall when I was a child usually in St Ives x
    A lovely story told regardless of its length :)

  9. What a beautifully told story and as someone who has never been to Cornwall I am now intending to go at the first opportunity.

  10. Such a beautiful story and a lovely brooch

  11. I lovely little reminder of happy holidays, very precious x

  12. I love family holidays and we still often travel together as a largish group. As an Australian, Cornwall is a part of the UK I'd love to visit, your story helps to solidify that thought!

  13. I now think that someday I must visit Cornwall as it holds so many things that make my soul sing. A beautifully told story.

  14. Mallory Towers!!...I too was desperate to go there...and also loved the Poldark series...yet have never actually visited Cornwall! I felt all the childlike excitement you must have felt on that first morning!!
    ALSON xx

  15. Your excitement and deep attachment to Cornwall just shine through ... And how lovely to have the touchstone of the little brooch which holds it all for you. A lovely post.


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