Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Island at War - - -

"Come along, come along - we don't have all day" the Commandant hustled the disparate group of women and children, peering out of the carriage windows looking rather forlorn and more than a little bewildered, " have you got your cases? - well hurry then" bustling them out of the train's carriages - - "move up, make room for more!" she ordered briskly and the group of Internees - - "Enemy Aliens" in these troubled times - - rounded up - - moved by rail, packed off across the sea, moved once again by rail and ending in this beautiful bay - - to be billeted with landladies whose guesthouses and hotels held countless empty rooms - - -

It will only take a little imagination for you to all take a step back in time with me?
Please board the train standing at platform 2 - - it has a good head of steam now and is almost ready to depart - -

For this last weekend our island slipped back in time - - - to Make Do and Mend, Dig for Victory, Keep Calm and Carry On, and remember that Careless Talk Costs Lives! - - and so remember an Island at War.

 There was lots of period atmosphere with steam trains coming into the station being met by the Home Guard Re-Enactment guys complete with gun placements, A Field Hospital in the waiting rooms, Vintage Cars, Steam Engines, The D-Day Darlings singing on the platform as well as many locals dressed in appropriate costume - Land Girls, Soldiers on Leave, Housewives and even Ladies of the Night!! leading small groups round the village sharing some of the stories from when the South was the Women's Internment Camp.
 There was a wonderful exhibition of  paintings and photographs in the British Legion Hall and the Station Booking office - a Sale of Goods from the Grand House in the Church Hall, one of the local hairdressers had turned her salon back to the 1940s - and was offering a"Victory Roll" hairstyle along with and afternoon tea and cakes.

We had sandbags and taped windows and the vintage bus was taking visitors up to Cregneash village where the Land Girls were working hard, A touch of Glen Miller  - - then a few dance lessons in the Barn at Church Farm and for those in the know an evening Dance at a Secret Location with Supper served by the NAAFI,  - - -
All in all a busy weekend - - - perfect for when you have visitors!

- - - and now back to the 21st century - - where I have to share more wonderful happy mail from Julie's Etsy store. These were a custom order and I was so excited when the postie knocked this morning - - but had to contain myself . However when I got the opportunity to open the envelope  - well see for yourselves

I really couldn't be more delighted with my packs if I had chosen everything myself - but I am very much enjoying seeing what Julie has managed to find in my themes - and it is so much more fun  discovering what she has found - - I really recommend it - -it doubled my pleasure in my mail anyway!

I hope all is good with you all - -
Thanks for stopping by,
'til later

Bannaghtyn, J x


  1. my mum would have loved that event and you are making me want to place an order Jennie!

  2. What a fantastic weekend to be able to be part of! I cannot imagine how,much organisation went into it from many different people. I would have loved to have been there - your photos are wonderful and remind me of my own childhood,in the Fifties. And then such great. Happy Mail - Julie's packs are lovely, aren't they!

  3. history come to life has to be a much better way to learn!


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