Sunday, 5 May 2013

Storytelling Sunday - - - A very special day

Well - where did April go to  then?? I can't believe how quickly Storytelling Sundays come round - May already - -  and time for another visit to Sian at High in the Sky and other friends round the world who share a story or two. Sian suggested "precious" as this year's theme - - and as I have written these posts and looked at my special items I have begun to realise  - as I suspect many of you have also - that the reason these small items I am choosing ARE precious is the person I link them with in my memory - - -

- - - it was raining - quite hard now - - as the car pulled up in at the door - - it didn't matter - M------ was ready with an umbrella! The group of young women huddled in the shelter of the doorway all moved forward as a group as the car door opened to let the occupants emerge.
The young man emerging smiled rather shyly at them all before turning back to the car door as first a prettily shod foot appeared, followed by a hand in a white glove. He took hold of the glove hand , helping the girl out of the car as M------ sheltered her from the gusts of wind and flurries of rain with her every ready umbrella, as they moved forward into the shelter of the buildings porch
A small girl in pink danced forward " I'm here mummy, I'm here" she squeaked excitedly, "don't I look pretty? Mummy you look BEAUTIFUL  and see my dress" "stay in the porch L---- , and thank you sweetheart, you look beautiful too!" the young woman smiled at her small daughter's excitement. The door swung open and the whole party moved inside, followed by the cluster of women who had waited in the rain to see them arrive,  to find members of their families waiting for them - - - -
- - -along with the Registrar - who led the group into the Wedding Room - for he and I to become man & wife, witnessed by our family and the group of my work colleagues - who had all crept out of work just to see us arrive and ended up staying and watching the simple ceremony - - -27 years ago this month - how did it get to be so long ago????

That was the day I was given today's "preciousssss" (sorry! I couldn't quite keep Gollum out of my  head). May is our Anniversary month so it seems very appropriate that I share my ring with you. It has never left my finger since the Artisan placed it there - - all those years ago now, and it has been joined by a couple of others - each a symbol of how much he cares for me, and in that I know I am blessed.
There are a lot more stories around today, you can find links to them all here, at High in the Sky with Sian. And remember, you are most welcome to share a story of your own.
'Til later,
Thanks for stopping by -

Bannaghtyn, J x


  1. Beautiful, just beautiful. I love the stories of wedding rings. I love how we are all different but the same, so much in common... Happy Anniversary to you both.

  2. Beautiful rings & a story told so lovingly! Thanks for sharing.

  3. A beautiful story! I love what Miriam has said about the way wedding rings are different but all the same..that says a lot, I think.

    Thanks for joining in again this month. I'll be thinking about you in your anniversary'll be holding on to each other tightly, I'm sure

  4. The loveliness and pace of your story is wonderful. I almost felt the rain on my face, too. Happy anniversary. We will celebrate our 53rd soon.

  5. A lovely story, and you've told it so well.

  6. Happy Anniversary Month! I too liked the details you remembered and shared of your wedding day :)

  7. Happy Anniversary my many memories in a simple band of gold!
    Alison xx

  8. What a beautiful description of a very precious day, happy anniversary :)

  9. Happy Anniversary x We share the same month but for us it is only 20 years :)

  10. Happy anniversary! We share the same month too, but we will be 26 this year! Lovely to read your wedding story and to see your rings, precious indeed xx

  11. Happy Anniversary. I can understand how your rings are your precious thing this month. Loved reading your story.

  12. It has been lovely to read your special story this month and see your hand for real :). Wishing you much joy this month ... Your writing really pulled me in too.

  13. How wonderful! Many congratulations on your anniversary and I loved the story that went with it.


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