Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A Month in Numbers ???? - - -

- - this is my first time linking up with Julie's (of Notes on Paper) Month in Numbers, and I wasn't sure I actually had enough items I could genuinely count - - but this month I have some very important numbers to remember, so it did seem like a good time to join in. So this April I seem to have been surprisingly busy - - -
So I begin with
  • 1 iPhone
My daughter's finally dragged me into the 21st century by persuading me to get a new smart phone -I am now the proud owner of an iPhone. Not that I have much skill in using it yet, I have sent some very odd texts as to start with I was a bit useless using the keypad!!
On a creative level - -
  • 2 - Birthday Albums --- two good friends reached their half century this month, so handcrafted gifts were called for.
  • 2 - Craft Club meetings  --- alongside our regular monthly meeting we had one of our two all day craft class days --- and this time it was my turn to find and teach a new project for our group
  • 3 - Cards including this one for my youngest daughter's birthday 
  • 14  - Amazing young people who all took a huge leap of faith by Bungee Jumping off the Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough - to raise awareness of Mental Ill-health and raise funds for Rethink
  • 17 - Kind and generous young people who not only invited me along but made sure I didn't feel out of place at the Bungee Jump weekend
  • £534.76 - Raised for local Mental Health groups from a Gig night organised in my son's "local". All the bands gave their time for free - and made it a great evening for all who went along.
They still don't know how much in total they have raised from their sponsorship forms as they are still collecting in the funds - - this group of my son's friends have grown into young men and women I feel honoured to know - and am so very deeply touched by how much my son meant to them all.

So you see - these are really important numbers  - and so this time I was compelled to link up with the delightful Julie. Thanks so much for dropping in, it really is good to see you my friends - - - to know you all still think of me occasionally is a very special gift I have been doubly grateful for this last year - do you have any numbers  to share? Hop over to Julie's blog for full details - the link's in her name

'til later
Bannaghtyn, Jen  xxx


  1. jennie x

    These are certainly very important numbers which should be recognised & recorded. How fabulous that a group of young people raised so much money for this charity that is close to your heart xxx

  2. Welcome aboard the number train Jen - make yourself at home with all us other number-hunters!

    Your numbers were most definitely well worth recording - as was your obvious prides in those fabulous young people!

    But you know ... you're welcome any time with any numbers ... you're talking to someone who in the past has counted crisps, hair conditioner and toilet paper!! Anything goes!

    And thanks for your lovely comments on my blog today - it means *a lot* to me to know that a combinatio of me, the stripper and the sequins made you smile. [I'm sure that will give people reading through your comments some pause for thought!]

    I've pinned you safely to the board now:

    Happy May to you!

    Julie :-)

    [And yes - we'll be expanding our 'range' with a bit of luck ... so thank you for asking].

  3. A very memorable month, and most impressive numbers too. How lovely that young people are raising money for such a good cause, one close to your heart. Glad to hear you weren't bungee jumping yourself! I am intrigued by those lovely photos of craft things - is the card in the shape of a fan?

    1. Hi Alexa, yes indeed - the card is a fan. I have been playing with new dies and a cuttlebug.It is a Marianne Design Die and I am really pleased with it. J x

  4. Well done on your first post for this. Im only on my second. All numbers are worth recording and you are right to be proud of these guys

    Suzy x

  5. Wow, your craft projects are so detailed. Bungee jumping is way too adventurous for me. The kids did really well with their fundraising too. Enjoy your iphone.

  6. I can't tell me how happy it makes my heart to see that you are creating and sharing your gift. It sounds like Ben had a great group of friends that will continue to honor and cherish his life and friendship. I can imagine how much that means to ya'll. Join us again next month, I expect to see more busyness ;)

  7. you must be very proud of your daughter x

  8. Gosh what great numbers for the fundraising drive. Love your numbers this month.

  9. I think your MIN are great. My OH once did the zip wire from the transporter but I don't think even he would do the bungee. I'm very impressed, that is one brave young lady :0)
    Thanks for visiting x


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